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So, I… kept meaning to put my onoing Avengers WIP on here, and kept updating it on AO3, and kinda never got around to posting it here past the fourth chapter or so. I'm still updating! Totally still updating. Just sent the 15th chapter off for beta, only one (possibly two) chapters to go. But I think it may be time to admit to myself that I may never actually post it to here, what with already posting onto AO3 and The Pit of Voles

Yes, I suck.

Anyway. I'll post a listing of all the chapters posted onto AO3, for anyone who was still curious and doesn't subscribe to any of the dozen or so Avengers fic communities I post links to.

That's not what I wanted to post about today, though.

Guys. Guys. My kid, the elder one, is writing fanfic. And while I cannot understand half of what he writes about because he's posting in the Dota 2 fandom and what I know about Dota 2 could be painlessly etched onto my tongue, he's started an Avengers fanfic!

Title: Loki Lie-smith
Author: Stylus of Gold (he said something like, "I wanted to pick the most pretentious authorname EVER.")
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Loki (so far)
Summary: As I fell from grace and Asgard into disgrace and the void, I lost more than my claim to kingship of Asgard: I lost my name. No longer Loki Odinson, I am now simply Loki. Loki Lie-smith.

He's new at this. Needs a bit of work on formatting. Is starting out in tiny, tiny fandoms. But gets ridiculously excited when somebody reviews or "faves" his work, and oh wow, it's like watching him take his first wobbly steps all over again. Except, you know, online.

Edit: Right! And I said I'd post a list of links to Not About Superheroes. Here they are!
Chapter 1/16
Chapter 2/16
Chapter 3/16
Chapter 4/16
Chapter 5/16
Chapter 6/16
Chapter 7/16
Chapter 8/16
Chapter 9/16
Chapter 10/16
Chapter 11/16
Chapter 12/16
Chapter 13/16
Chapter 14/16
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