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Whoa. I had no idea it had been quite so long since the last time I posted.

Um, OK, so two three things:

  1. Any Harry Potter fandom folks still reading this? Anybody feel like betaing the first half of a long-overdue fanfic? It's George/Lee.

  2. Check out Snowgall's STATS FOR ALL HDS_BELTANE FESTS, 2007-2015. Guess who's the wordiest and has two thumbs?

  3. I, uh, had been writing a Captain America fanfic when I started the George/Lee, and ended up finishing it... and writing a bunch of companion fics, mostly standalone one-shots. They're all done now (almost) but rather than cut and paste them all here, I'm going to post a listing of them on AO3 and send anybody who wants to read them over in that direction.

    AO3 does this awesome thing where you can put fics into a series and they're all gathered together like ducklings. Bless AO3.


I got in a crapload of trouble over this series, for not tagging for warnings, triggers, and squicks. A lot of people got very angry at me. So I decided to write a blanket warning:


I honestly did not intend to upset anyone, but did, even after carefully considering what I was doing and trying to do it right. Turns out that Hurt/Comfort didn’t mean what I thought it meant (apparently it only applies to fluffy hurt, not serious trauma), non-con/dub-con isn’t enough of a tag if people assume one person is the victim but it’s really somebody else, infidelity can seriously piss people off even if it happens when the OTP are not currently involved, one-night stands are a dealbreaker for a lot of people, happy endings don’t count if characters are put through the ringer before the end...

I threw my hands in the air and gave up.

So: please don’t get mad at me if these stories don’t go the way you thought they would go. There’s Major Character Death, period-typical homophobia, one-night-stands, infidelity, serious trauma, sexual assault, underage, very unhappy people, and probably a dozen things I had no idea were traumatic for anyone.

The people who got angry at me before I figured out that tags were not my forte? I’m very sorry I hurt them.

Anybody who reads this stuff after being duly warned that Who Knows What-All may be hiding here? Your funeral, dude.

  1. (Chaptered) Don't Ask
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, Jacques Dernier, James Montgomery Falsworth, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan
    Summary: Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.
    Setting: Captain America: The First Avenger

  2. 'Cause I Can't Chase You
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
    Summary: (STANDALONE) "We were fifteen when it all started," said Cap quietly.
    Setting: Way before Don't Ask. No Spoilers for rest of series.

  3. Cured Everything Wrong With Him
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
    Summary: (STANDALONE) Bucky was the worst best friend in the world. Steve was fine, cured of everything that had ever been wrong with him. Bucky should have been rejoicing with him. Instead he wanted to throw up or cry.
    Setting: A few months before Don't Ask. No spoilers for rest of series.

  4. Ninety-Five, Not Dead
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers
    Summary: (STANDALONE) "That wasn't my first kiss since 1945," Steve told Natasha in The Winter Soldier. "I'm ninety-five, I'm not dead."
    Setting: A few months before The Winter Soldier. No spoilers for the rest of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell series; not necessary to read the other stories either.

  5. (Chaptered) Even When I Had Nothing
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson
    Summary: Natasha warned Steve he might not want to pull on that thread, but it wasn't like he had much of a choice.
    Setting: After Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Spoilers for Don't Ask.

  6. Lifeboat
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers/OMC, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
    Summary: (NOT STANDALONE) Steve has a lot of regrets. Only one of them is about last night.
    Setting: Chapter 8 of Even When I Had Nothing. Makes no sense out of context.

  7. Flawed Coping Mechanisms
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers/OMC, Steve Rogers
    Summary: (STANDALONE) Sometimes a bed can get kinda crowded, even when there's only two people in it.
    Setting: Chapter 9 of Even When I Had Nothing. Standalone, but mildly spoils Even When I Had Nothing.

  8. The Greatest Gay Voice: The Advocate Interview
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers
    Summary: (STANDALONE) The Advocate publishes an interview with Steve Rogers. Set in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell series, but it's not necessary to read any of the rest of the stories.
    Setting: Chapter 9 of Even When I Had Nothing. Standalone, but mildly spoils Even When I Had Nothing.

  9. Don't Ask, Don't Tell Illustrations by Chibitoaster
    Characters: Steve/Bucky, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
    Summary: Chibitoaster, the amazing artist who illustrated Bond, offered (and I jumped at the chance) to illustrate something of mine. I suggested looking over Don't Ask Don't Tell and within less than a day... OMFG.
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