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Hey, remember the Timestamp Meme? Ask people to take any story of yours and request 100+ words set at some specific time after the story?

::crickets chirping::

Yeah, if you don't remember, don't worry about it; it went around almost two years ago ::facepalm::

Anyway, these are the requests I got waaaay back then:

...hey, where did everybody go? ::more crickets:: ::putting on Monty Python voice:: Cardinal Fang? Cardinal Fang!

Anyway, thanks, [ profile] scrtkpr, for beta and endless patience :) :)

Note: Confession Is Good For the Soul was written after HBP, and is not DH-compliant. Doesn't make much difference here, I don't think.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me summarize. (Quickie recap of Confessions) )

Confession + 6 hours, because I have no idea for a title here. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The closest I'm coming is 'Cool Has Left the Building.' Help? )
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...though not usually as long as I do here. And no, the other timestamps haven't grown this much on me. Um, yet.

So, this was obviously supposed to be about Harry & Draco, but for some reason Ron walked in and... kinda walked off with the story. Sorry, [ profile] cutecoati. I have a weakness for redheads. Especially slightly thick ones ;)

Timestamp for [ profile] cutecoati: Confession Is Good For the Soul + two years

Ron approached the St. Mungo's help desk. )
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Hey! Here are parts IIa and IIb of Confession Is Good For the Soul, which was supposed to be a one-shot, which became a two-part one-shot because I couldn't quite finish it in time for the fic exchange it was supposed to be a part of [never end a sentence with a preposition], but then each part turned into two parts because livejournal had a meltdown re. the length of my posts.

So in a way, this is a four-part one-shot.

This has been beta'd by [ profile] caliopeamphora and [ profile] naatz, so any remaining mistakes are my own. If you spot anything that needs improvement or correction, or have any Britpicks, I'll worship you.

Here's the previous chapter(s):
Part Ia
Part Ib

Part IIa


"Confidotuom. I wanted to play professional Quidditch after school. After the war was over."

Really? )

On to Part IIb.
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Phew, OK, so this is the fourth (and last) part of this fic. I'm done!

Previous parts:
Part Ia
Part Ib
Part IIa



Harry wandered into the kitchen sleepy-eyed.

"You're up. How long have you been up?" he said fuzzily.

"A while," Draco said into his coffee cup.

Mm. Why? )
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Hey! A fic! I kinda forgot what it's like to post one of these things!

Rating: PG13 (?)
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Probably a good thing.
Pairing: HP/DM
Author Note: This is the first part of a two-part one-shot (can a one-shot have two parts?) that was written for a fic exchange. Each member of the fic exchange filled out a request (ie what we would & wouldn't like to read), then received another member's wishlist and tried to fill it to the best of our ability.

This is the first part, split into Part Ia and Part Ib because lj won't let me post the whole thing at once. Part II will be along in the next couple of days. I got it back from my beta and just need to fiddle with it a bit. The links I've provided add nothing to the plot of the story, but they may add a bit of background and help visualization, for those of us who like that kind of thing :)

Thanks so very, very much to my betas, [ profile] naatz and [ profile] caliopeamphora. Any mistakes remaining are solely my responsibility, and if you spot 'em, I'll love you forever.
Oh, and: among the three of us we've got a Canadian, a Brazilian, and an Israeli; nary a Brit to be found. So any Britpicks will be gratefully received :) :)


When did Harry Bloody Potter become so gorgeous? And shaggable? And so very, very clueless?

All right, that last wasn't a valid question, Draco admitted to himself. He'd always been clueless. )

Part Ib
Part IIa
Part IIb
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Back to Part Ia


"Why are we here, anyway?" Harry asked the next morning as they prepared a large batch of potions from St. Mungo's instructions. "I would've thought they'd transfer me to St. Mungo's."

"Helga considered it. Decided she'd rather keep you here."

Why did you agree to it though? Don't you have exams next month? )

Part IIa
Part IIb


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