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Draco's birthday is today? ::looks it up:: Huh. Cool! Totally did not remember that.

So, in honour of Draco's birthday, which I totally knew about and had planned ahead for, here's the first part of the Canon!Draco survey I posted a while ago. Parts Two and Three will be along… at some point in the nebulous future. It's actually surprisingly difficult to summarize sixteen detailed, thoughtful survey posts, did you know?

Thanks muchly to [ profile] the_birdnest, [ profile] i_am_girlfriday, [ profile] tree00faery, [ profile] daf9, [ profile] helenadax, [ profile] kennahijja, [ profile] songquake, [ profile] oceaxe, Anonymous, [ profile] potteresque_ire, [ profile] vaysh11, [ profile] nennemor, [ profile] karaz, [ profile] vasiliki, [ profile] sugareey, and [ profile] grey_hunter, for your wonderful comments. Please note: not everyone answered every question, so even where I am totally scrupulous about numbers, they often do not add up to sixteen answers.

Happy Thirtieth Birthday, Draco my dear. Smile that brilliant smile smirk of yours, flash your flinty/smoky/clouded/sharp/storm-tossed grey eyes, toss your white-blond/snowy/shining/luxuriant/receding hair, and please let my mental picture of you remain debonnair as we all pretend you only grew that goat thing on your chin because you were depressed as the date for your son's departure to Hogwarts grew nigh.

  1. Is Draco good-looking?

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OK, here we go, here's a bit of a survey about canon!Draco, in the spirit of [ profile] frayach's canon!Harry survey.

It's not quite the same thing, though. For one thing, we don't have as much Draco to work with, sad to say. He's not the main character, we're never shown his thought processes, and we only ever see him through the eyes of a bitter rival. So a lot of the questions may have to be answered with a great deal of imagination and conjecture - especially the post-Hogwarts ones.

I've separated the questions into three groups: Draco Canonized, for mostly factual information, Thinky Thoughts from Canon, for questions requiring a bit of guesswork, and After-School Special, for conjecture about Draco's life post-canon.

Don't feel an obligation to answer all or even most of these; feel free to pick and choose the ones that interest you, even if it's only one :)

One last thing: this is Canon. Not Fanon. Not what you wish Draco were like, or what you imagine he would do after school if you were writing a novel about him, but what he is/would be like as JKR has written him. Yes, including the Epilogue. Which means that if you truly believe he could end up being a celebrated Muggle stripper named Stud McMuffin, you may have to explain how you reached that conclusion based solely on JKR's work. I, for one, would love to read that explanation, btw ;)

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