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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Go and have some green beer!

And happy Day Before [ profile] hp10k_showcase Starts Posting, too! I'm totally stoked about this, even though my own contribution, due frighteningly soon, resembles a brain fart more than an actual, you know, postable fic. ::sigh:: In part because I decided to make it H/R, but H/D keeps taunting me and reminding me that it's been a long time since I wrote it, and I really really miss doing so.

However, speaking of postable fics, here's one of the last Ember to Ember DVD Extras. This one sat like a quivering pile of jelly for many moons, until I got into a Fredless George kick and Fred eventually politely asked to be written not-dead for once. Not sure he'd appreciate the treatment he gets in this ficbit, but still. Undead Not-Dead Fred. This DVD Extra is for Lisa3353, who said, "I would love to read the scene between Fred and Anne (you have me on a Fred kick now) when he confronts her about sending Draco's picture to the paper." It takes place post-November, immediately after the incident where Harry confronts Fred about the same picture, believing Fred took it.

Thank you so much, [ profile] maya231, for great beta, a long, long time ago ;)

November 23, 2008 )
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This is an Ember to Ember DVD Extra for [ profile] coffeejunkii, [ profile] nimue_8, and Love2Love. It takes place after after the accident in Chapter 10, and shortly after the boys have finally grabbed a clue and gone back together (DVD Extra).

Thanks so much to [ profile] tree00faery and [ profile] fish_echo for wonderful, extensive beta :) :) :)

February 10, 2008 )
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Anybody remember those Ember to Ember DVD requests?

I've got a list of them. Some are already done, some are almost done, some are but a gleam in my eye as of yet. Here's three partially-finished bits, and then one request that's actually, you know, done.

  1. For [ profile] coffeejunkii, who said i'd love to see the scene in which harry and draco make the decision to move in together :)

    snippet )

  2. Lisa3353 said I would love to read the scene between Fred and Anne (you have me on a Fred kick now) when he confronts her about sending Draco's picture to the paper

    snippet )

  3. For heldin-delta, who said i really would like to read the whole fred/draco-window scene in the hospital from fred's point of view.

    snippet )

  4. For Bongo Monkeys, who said, I would be interested in seeing maybe a one shot, about 6-10 years later, saying what houses the boys were in, how Harry and Draco's relationship has done over the years, and so on.

    September 1, 2013 )

And speaking of parents, not that we were, here's a link from [ profile] piratesmile331 that was among a group of links that totally made my day, on a day when I experiencing boredom the likes of which cannot be replicated without reading the M section of a phone book.

The William Tell Overture sung by a mom
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This is a DVD Extra for [ profile] scrtkpr, [ profile] nimue, My Secret Pleasure, and a few others who asked for "Boys! Getting a clue and getting back together!"

This bit takes place about a week after the accident in Chapter 10.

Thanks so much to [ profile] scrtkpr and [ profile] kestrelsparhawk for wonderful and rather extensive beta :) :) :)

February 8, 2008 )
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OK, here is DVD Extra for [ profile] scrtkpr, [ profile] frantic_mice, [ profile] tree00faery, and [ profile] jessiflash. Because [ profile] scrtkpr asked for "Draco's interview under Veritaserum, DYING to see that." And the rest said ditto :)

This bit takes place the day Draco was arrested, when the four of them went to Brigid's Cross, the Dublin equivalent of Diagon Alley.

Hope you like it!

ETA: Forgot to say, this is completely unbeta'd, so any and all constructive criticism is very, very welcome! Typos, grammar, overall flow, whatever.

August 5, 2007 )
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Author's Note: This one came a wee bit faster, and it looks like I may just be able to finish before the new Beltane fest begins :). So. You know the drill, this is Ember to Ember, the sequel to Volunteers (fic written for [ profile] hds_beltane), which is supposed to be taking place in 2007/2008 and is getting ready to catch up to itself in time ;) Concrit is warmly appreciated. Thanks hugely to [ profile] scrtkpr for beta.

Title: Ember to Ember
Chapter: 10 (of 12)
Pairing: H/D
Word count: 5000.

Chapter 1: May
Chapter 2: June
Chapter 3: July
Chapter 4: August
Chapter 5: September
Chapter 6: October
Chapter 7: November
Chapter 8: December
Chapter 9: January (previous)

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