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  • The House That Cedric Built was nominated for three Draco awards (Best Long Fiction, Best Angst or Dramatic Fiction, Best Romance) over at Draco Awards! Unfortunately, the title is wrong. As in, the fic is not listed as The House That Cedric Built, by [ profile] annafugazzi, but as Wrong by [ profile] annafugazzi.

    Doh. I suck at naming things - I suspect my ancestry contains a lot of those folks who've given us place names like "Big River" and "Valley Town" and "Main Street" - so I was kinda proud of having finally made up a cool one. Ah well.

  • Remember the History Song list that I asked for help with, about a million years ago? I was looking for songs that told a story about a historical event or person. My kids fiddled around with it for a long time, looking up links to sound or video files, lyrics, and sites explaining the events/persons. Learned some HTML, and finally ended up with this:

    Tell Me A Story

    Go! Take a look - and, where possible, a listen! There's 86 songs there, rock and folk and country and not-English, covering history from The Mesopotamians to 9/11.

  • Ya know, I giggle at DH's Epilogue, and am far more likely to go EWE than Epi for both reading and writing, but I have a huge soft spot for it nonetheless, and (don't hit me) actually really like it. As a grownup it's a bit meh, but I think it's a fine end to a children's book series.

    I was glad when I found out they were going to film it.

    I was even gladder when I found out that they were going to keep the original actors for it in the movie.

    Thrilled when I heard that they were getting coaching on how to walk and move like they were older.

    A bit startled by how much closer to 50 than 37 Harry looked in the pictures that came out yesterday, but overall pretty optimistic about the whole thing. Couldn't wait to see Ron and Hermione and Draco.

    Cover your eyes if you are of the EWE persuasion )

    I was a happy girl this morning.

    I go out for the day, and come back to this:

    Cover your eyes if you like the books at all )

    Holy shit.

    ::scrubs eyes::

    No, that's got to be a joke.

    No, seriously.


    This calls for either a massive drinking binge or a dose of fic.

    Damn, all I have are three sangria coolers.

    Fic it is, then:

  • [ profile] vanseedee's Lost In Reality is finished! Many many chapters of angsty/lovely/throat-achy George/Lee. I'm still unable to do much more than flail incoherently over this fic. The ending was one of those things that make you tear up and say "Oh... awwww..." out loud. Go read!

  • And I'll Tell You No Lies and Ember to Ember are both in the new The NEW Most Read H/D Bookshelf! And so are a huge load of others - 285 fics in all. Am planning on plunging back into my original OTP H/D and reading until the godawful "Draco Grew Up To Become Filch" image has been scrubbed from my mind's eye. So I'll see y'all next summer, I think :(

  • I hate to dwell on negativity, and I've never been pre-emptively upset by anything book or movie-related before, 'cause I always figure you never know what'll end up on the cutting room floor or what will, in context, end up perfectly fine despite disturbing sneak peeks. Also, I have pretty low standards.

    But. This. Ohgod.

    Does anyone think there's a chance in hell of convincing WB to refilm the Epilogue? So our last glimpse of the HP world can be fond and touching and satisfying, instead of horrifically embarrassing for everyone involved? Or are we doomed to have to watch this thing once and then pretend the last five minutes never happened, like the ending of The Abyss?

ETA: Still working on the Canon!Draco thing. Suspect I will be All About Draco for the next little while, and possibly All About Ron as well, in a vain effort to compensate for the ruthless violence done to both characters by the WB makeup department :(


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