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Right, so, the other thing I totally forgot to post... for about a year... was my entry into the HP April Fool's Fest for 2012. In my defence, I was waiting for reveals to happen, and they never did, but... yeah. I kinda... forgot.

The April Fool's Fest, for those who don't know, was a fest where we all made fools out of ourselves. Those of us who write attempted to draw, and those of us who draw, attempted to write. The results were often, um, unique :) We were also given prompts that were more, um, creative than the norm. The last year we also got our title assigned to us and the name of our giftee concealed until after we'd posted :)

It was a cool fest. Sad to see it go :(

Title: The Sky Is So Green Today
Recipient: [ profile] eeyore9990
Medium: Sweet Home 3D, Apple Paintbrush.
Characters: Mad-Eye Moody, Firenze, Nagini
Rating: G. Seriously.
Warnings/Kinks: None at all.
Summary: A chance encounter can change everything.
Artist's Notes: My prompt was: "Firenze, Moody, Nagini (not all together [unless you WANT to]) but I'm open to anything with any of those characters. Theme: outside the norm."

Well, I have never written or drawn anything with any of these three characters, so this was very much of a think outside the norm for me too!

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  • The Next Three Days
    Medium: Food!
    Pairings/Characters: Snarry+Cedric
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings/Kinks: Table!molestings, portrait!voyeurism, masturbation (hey, it's your call what Cedric is doing ;D)
    Summary: Auror Potter has been called to Hogwarts to find out what is haunting the library. He didn't except the haunter to be alive, but he isn't complaining that much. Neither is Cedric.

  • Bring Me A Surprise!
    Medium: GIMP
    Pairing: Pairings are up to you
    Rating: R
    Warnings/Kinks: Language
    Summary: Just some sample label designs for a special new series of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes ...

  • I Know The Plan
    Medium: Photoshop/GIMP
    Pairings/Characters: Severus/Regulus
    Rating: G
    Warnings/Kinks: A dose of angst but utterly porn free.
    Summary: Severus knows. He even understands. But he doesn't have to like it.

  • Follow the Spiders
    Medium: Clay and paint
    Pairings/Characters: Tom/Minerva
    Rating: PG
    Warnings/Kinks: Bad camera angles, funky-looking fingers, stupid clay cracks
    Summary: The evil Captain Riddle has captured Dumblepan's newest friend, Minerva Bell, and has convinced her to tell him where Dumblepan is hiding.

  • Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
    Medium: Photography, mixed paper, brads
    Pairings/Characters: Neville Longbottom/ Severus Snape
    Rating: G
    Warnings/Kinks: No warnings or kinks (sorry)
    Summary: Severus finds more than Ms. Sprout's Ever-expanding flower pots at Longbottom's shop.

  • As You Wish
    Medium: photoshop
    Pairings/Characters: Ernie/Hannah
    Rating: PG
    Warnings/Kinks: none
    Summary: Ernie is not big on dancing, but Hannah is his date for the Yule Ball and he's willing to even dance to make her smile.
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More from the HP April Fool's Fest, in which we all create outside our comfort zones:

  • The Sky Is So Green Today
    Medium: Sweet Home 3D, Apple Paintbrush.
    Characters: Mad-Eye Moody, Firenze, Nagini
    Rating: G. Seriously.
    Warnings/Kinks: None at all.
    Summary: A chance encounter can change everything.

  • I Have A Proposition For You
    Medium: Pen & pencil
    Characters: Fenrir Greyback, random werewolves, random female
    Rating: PG?
    Warnings/Kinks: Implied violence, implied death. Also first artwork since middle school.
    Summary: Fenrir and the gang play fetch.

  • House Rules All
    Medium: Pencils
    Pairings/Characters: Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle
    Rating: NWS
    Warnings/Kinks: flogging
    Summary: In the game of "which house is best", the first to touch themselves loses. Minerva doesn't consider it cheating if she's only touching herself with a flogger. That's just good fun.

  • Will You Take Me to the Ball?
    Medium: Paper, pencil, colored pencils, crayons, cut up Ziploc bag, gluestick, and MS Paint.
    Pairings/Characters: Harry/Draco
    Rating: PG for language (mostly in the Artist's Note)
    Warnings/Kinks: SHARK! Also, off-color humor in the Artist's Note.
    Summary: Harry takes Draco on a tropical vacation.

  • Lumos!
    Medium: Chalk on blackboard, PS
    Pairings/Characters: Remus/Severus
    Rating: R? NC-17?
    Warnings/Kinks: bestiality, unrealistic proportions of male/wolf genitals
    Summary: Severus wants it, tied to the rough fir, the full moon the only light, and the beast prowling the Forbidden Forest. Remus knows what Severus wants. And the beast complies.

  • You Said You Loved Me
    Pairing: Severus/Harry
    Rating: Clearly NC-17
    Warnings: Anal, Toys, Voyeurism?
    Medium: Pencil, Colored Pencils, Photoshop manipulation.
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It's a small fest this year, but it's off to a good start:

  1. It's Never Good To Drink on the Job!
    Medium: Fabric, thread, carpet tread, buttons, sharpie.
    Pairings/Characters: Hagrid/Severus
    Rating: R
    Warnings/Kinks: nudity (without their thingies, sorry couldn't do it, I did try) and sex (if you squint really hard)
    Summary: Severus visits Hagrid the next day after his spider friend died and before they both they knew it the drink was flowing and...well you know ^_~

  2. We don't need rings or vows
    Media: various pencils, natural white sketch paper, Photo Shop
    Pairings: George Weasley/Viktor Krum
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Just as they needed no rings or vows to prove they were in love, George and Viktor could care less about spring. After all, snuggling and falling asleep on the sofa while holding hands was just as good.
    A/N: Anyone recognize George's shirt? ;)

I love this fest. The variety of art media is just awesome, for one thing. IIRC, one year there was an entry made entirely out of cheese.

Also, the second entry so far? MINE!!

If anyone can figure out the significance of George's shirt, I'd love you forever. I keep thinking I should be able to puzzle it out but for the life of me I just can't get it.

Tidying up

Jun. 6th, 2011 05:41 pm
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Wow, I think I'll brave my basement and try to tidy up the boxes and piles of crap down there. It's sure to be easier than sifting through my various online habitats and trying to do the same. Yowch.

So, in my e-wanderings I discovered that I never re-posted last year's HP April Fool's entry on my own site. Then discovered that last year's pictures are gone from the [ profile] hp_april_fools site. Doh! And I can't find my copy of the gift I got! Much sadface.

Anyway, I'm reposting the gift I drew, for my own peace of mind. So, nothing new under the cut link )

On a totally unrelated note, I'm not sure who thought "harder penis erections thunderous climax, thunder hard super massive penis pill" was a good Subject line for the spam I got this morning, but personally I find it quite unattractive. It sounded like, if I was a guy, it would make me run shrieking for cover, protectively covering my bits. To each his own, I guess.
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So, [ profile] hp_april_fools has posted its reveals!

So now I know that my own gift, "Can I Buy You a Spatula?, was done by [ profile] good_witch. Must go thank her!

My entry, for [ profile] wallflowergirl, was "The Silver Doe." I got the Golden Squid for Sweetest Lego Romance :)

Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: PG13
Warning: Silliness?
Medium: Lego and four P's: Photography, Paint, Photoshop, and Plasticine.
Artist's Notes: This is in three parts:
Part I: Word-free :)
Part II: Canon text of The Silver Doe, in
black font
Part III: Red font appears and the Canon Silver Doe goes kinda... sideways ;)

My giftee asked for, among other things, "Harry/Ron, hand holding, water, wandless magic, and lots of kissing." I could not manage wandless magic, and getting lego to kiss and hold hands is way tougher than I imagined, but I hope you'll like it anyway :)

Warning: Image-Heavy Post )

The fest version, with smaller pictures, can be found here :)
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Last set of [ profile] hp_april_fools before the reveals!

  • It Takes a Licking
    Medium: Pencil, photoshop
    Pairings/Characters: Luna Lovegood/Pansy Parkinson
    Rating: NC17
    Warnings/Kinks: No warnings. Kink: body painting.
    Summary: After dinner, Luna and Pansy have their dessert.

  • Anarchists Have A Group!?
    Medium: Tablet:
    Pairings/Characters: Gellert/Albus
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: Unicorns and stockings and naughty boy parts
    Summary: Gellert is a unicorn-boy in heat. Albus is a net-stocking wearing fairy. Obviously it's love at first sight.

  • Never Surrender
    Pairings/Characters: Firenze/Dobby, Severus Snape/Bill Weasley, cat!Minerva/Hagrid's dog, Kingsley Shacklebolt/Mad-eye Moody/Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: m/m blowjob, m/m/m/f orgy, implied bestiality (sort of)
    Medium: biro and the Gimp
    Summary: It's written in the stars.

  • That was important. So is this.
    Medium: markers, pencil, paper
    Pairings/Characters: Harry/Draco
    Rating: PG
    Warnings/Kinks: tanned!Draco, almost kiss
    Summary: After a nice vacation to a tropical island where Draco was nicely tanned, the boys return home to find that everybody knows that they're together. Harry is dismayed, but Draco knows the perfect distraction.

  • Where Will You Hide?
    Medium: Ink and Paper
    Pairings/Characters: Severus Snape
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: masks, masturbation, scrawny young Sev, scars/marks/bruises.
    Summary: Sev is forced to bring himself off while he is watched, exposed, marked.

  • Mushrooms!!!
    Medium: Scissors and a paper + some Photoshop CS5
    Pairings/Characters: Snape/Harry
    Rating: PG, work-safe, but very much not sanity-safe
    Warnings/Kinks: seriously bad and cracky art, Snape’s not dead, but if he could see
    this, he’d regret that fact, plus he looks kind of fat too.
    Summary: A Fool’s Errand or the Little Red Lightning Bolt! (It’s because of the
    movie, and the mushrooms!)

I'd be curious as to whether anybody can figure out which entry this month was mine...
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So, before anything else, here's a note from one of my kids:

Hi, my name is J. I am doing a project about the History of History and I have some questions for you:
  1. What comes to mind when I ask you what are the different kinds of history?
  2. What are some huge historical events that changed how we think of history? Or that changed what we think of as history?
  3. When would you say history started?

Your help is appreciated :)

  • [ profile] hp_april_fools continues to rock. Here are some of the posts this week:

    • "Wait until you see my version of ... The Silver Doe"
      Pairing: Harry/Ron
      Rating: PG13
      Warning: Silliness?
      Medium: All P's: Photography, Paint, Photoshop, and Plasticine.

    • Do I Dazzle You?
      Medium: cosplay, photoshop
      Pairings/Characters: Mrs. Figg
      Warnings/Kinks: Gratuitous amounts of cute and adorableness.
      Summary: The wizarding world has taken over royal palace and had a contest to appoint the next Queen (slid into place so the muggles don't notice).

    • It's only time
      Medium: Adobe Illustrator
      Pairings/Characters: Tonks/Tonks
      Rating: PG-13 or R
      Warnings/Kinks: nudity
      Summary: One night at the the Ministry, Tonks comes across a Time Turner...

    • Chickens
      Medium: umm crafts?
      Pairings/Characters: Gilderoy Lockheart, OFCs, Mirror of Erised
      Rating: PG
      Warnings/Kinks: none
      Summary: Lockheart finds a mirror while exploring the castle.

    • I Just Keep Smiling
      Medium: Power Point with photos from Google; colouring MS Paint
      Pairings/Characters: Ron Weasley/Terry Boot
      Rating: NC-17
      Warnings/Kinks: public (if unnoticed) sex in Muggle London
      Summary: Ron finds out that randomly gay Terry Boot is randomly gay for him

  • Random fic rec #1:
    The Coolest Girl He Ever Knew, by [ profile] ozmafics
    Pairing(s): Charlie Weasley/Tonks (Remus/Tonks mentioned)
    Word Count: 1800
    Rating: R
    Summary: At eleven, he thought she was annoying. At twenty-four, he told her he loved her. At twenty-five, he lost her. How Charlie Weasley remembers the love of his life.
    Warnings: Adultery. Angst. A certain amount of Remus-bashing, (understandable, given that he is a rival) canon character deaths.
    Rec: This makes me fall in love with Tonks all over again. Which is saying something, after the less than ultracool treatment she got in Deathly Hallows :(
    Excerpt: At twelve, he watched her take on a large fourth-year Slytherin in defense of a Hufflepuff firstie, and win. He liked her a bit better after that.

  • Random fic rec #2:
    Marginal Notes, by [ profile] blamebrampton
    Rating: G
    Word Count: about 9500
    Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
    Summary: When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.
    A/N: Dear [ profile] ladydeth12, thank you for always being so interesting and so encouraging to everyone on your flist and in fandom generally. I was aiming for an epic tale of love and passion that met all of your prompts, but with months of overwork that left me writing while travelling, it turned into a little comedic confection that had met your prompts in a dark alley and could vaguely remember what they looked like. I hope it will entertain you anyway. Thanks again for all your support!
    Rec: Author Note = why I love all of [ profile] blamebrampton's writing :)
    ‘Off you go. If it turns out Justin is pining for a woman’s touch, you are to tell him about my loveliness and virtue.’

    ‘I will construct a plausible work of fiction on those very qualities.’


    ‘Death Eater,’ one of them muttered.

    Failed Death Eater,’ Draco corrected. ‘Bigotry is no excuse for inaccuracy.’

    ‘You tried to kill Harry!’ another snarled.

    Draco was affronted. ‘I most certainly did not. The Dark Lord would have Crucio-ed me if I’d tried. As has been well established, I am an absolute failure at killing. Again, you are very misinformed. Do they teach young people nothing these days?’
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Does anybody remember if that line is in Prisoner of Azkaban book form? Or is it only in the movie?

So, reveals have gone up for both [ profile] hpgeorgecentric and April Fool's, so no more "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" shenanigans.

  • For [ profile] hpgeorgecentric:

    • Gift I got, by [ profile] savepureness: Alive, George Weasley/Angelina Johnson, 1,529 words, Soft R
      Summary: Trying to cope with his twin brother's death and to live again, George Weasley finds an unexpected sparring partner; or better said, she finds him.
      Warning(s): Graphic depiction of oral sex.

    • Gift I gave, for the community: Leave Out All the Rest, George/Luna, hints of George/Angelina and George/Hermione, but mostly Gen, 80,000 words, R
      Summary: Nobody expected the year after Fred's death would be easy. But nobody expected George would have to lose so much, just to live through it.
      Or: George is doing his best to make his way after the war and Fred's death. Everyone is trying to help, and he wishes they would just stop. Especially Fred.
      Warning(s): Angst, suicide issues, and occasional inappropriate humour.

      Note: this fic, which ended up labeled "for the community," was in fact written for someone who had left lj before I even handed in my final copy.

      Fourth time that's happened to me, folks; if you ever sign on to an exchange and then lose all interest in the fandom, try to check back when postings are revealed, 'cause I probably cursed you ;)

    For April Fool's:

    • Gift I got, by [ profile] shellydkitty: I like chocolate milk, PSP - Digital painting, George, Ron (with cameo by wee!Fred), G, DH complaint so characters who are dead in canon are dead here.
      Summary: Even the little things remind George of what's he's lost.

    • Gift I gave, for [ profile] ozma_katiebell: About Last Night... , Mixed media, including Microsoft Paint, Microsoft WordArt and shameless tracing of Google Image search results, George/Lee, Ron, Neville, PG
      Summary: "So should we tell them the Gurdyroots were stale and last night's batch of Hearts had no more effect than a placebo?"
      ::snigger:: "I vote we tell them tomorrow."
      Warning(s): Wheezes?

      It was a stretch for me to do because, see, I can draw, but I can't colour. The moment colour touches my page, everything goes pear-shaped, and I almost mean that literally. [ profile] ozma_katiebell and the lovely folks at April Fool's were very kind about it, though, so it all worked out fine :) :)

I'm a compulsive fiddler - no, not the violin-playing kind - so I'm thinking of redoing the George/Lee drawing in black and white and posting it here at some later date. We'll see. I'll also be re-posting Leave Out All the Rest here in chapters over the next few weeks. It won't be terribly different from what's on the [ profile] hpgeorgecentric site, except for the last chapter or two, which felt kind of rushed to me.

And yes, I am painfully aware that nobody who has inflicted a fic 80,000 words long onto unsuspecting betas, mods and fellow fest participants has any business calling any part of it "rushed" ;) In my defense, I may also do a bit of tightening as well.
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Right, so here's the list of all the HP April Fool's entries. Looking back, I wish I'd also included the Medium Used, because there were such a lot of original ones there. As in, not just pen and ink and pencil crayons but knitting, chocolate, crayola, and cheese.

Yes, cheese.

ETA: Hey, what do you know, I decided to make it include the Medium Used after all. I have mentioned that I used to code HTML for a living, right? That, and I'm a bit of an obsessive geek.

Anyway, if you wanted to go take a look, here they are. Feel free to try to figure out which one was mine. Also, please don't take the little hearts as anything other than an indication of stuff I found cute.

Huge List )
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OK, I'm not sure if the April Fools fest has officially come to an end or not, but three posts went up for April 30, so I'm going to assume it is :)

So. Go. Give some love to those of us who dared to go beyond our comfort zones, hoping to make our fellow fans laugh - with us or at us, made no diff ;)

  1. Baby Got Back, Ron/Draco, R
    Warnings/Kinks: Erect (and burnt) cocks, images of ejaculation, full frontal nudity.
    Summary: Draco is instantly aroused by nudist Ron and his magnificent ginger buttocks.

  2. I like chocolate milk, George, Ron (with cameo by wee!Fred), G ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: DH complaint so characters who are dead in canon are dead here.
    Summary: Even the little things remind George of what's he's lost.

  3. I love your cream sauce, 5311 words, Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger if you blink, NC -17
    Warnings/Kinks: Smut, slash, crossing dressing, teacher/student, chan - 16, Desk sex, wall sex.
    Summary: Harry Potter has been cheeky to his Potions Master and he will sever a detention with Severus Snape that will not be soon forgotten.

  4. Once. You. Scorpius/Rose, G ♥♥♥
    Summary: Sometimes Scorpius and Rose like to sneak out and play Knock-The-Other-Off-A-Broom. But sometimes they get distracted.

  5. True Love , Charlie/Neville, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: None
    Summary: Two men sharing and intimate moment, thinking of the things they truly love: each other and... well, see for youself ;-)

  6. Tender is the Night, Snarry, PG13 or R
    Warnings/Kinks: None
    Summary: Harry and Severus have a kind of quietly intense yet tender moment in bed (you can pretend if it's before or after any action starts!)

  7. Accio Chocolate Hogwarts, Remus, Sirius, the giant squid, thestrals,G ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: May induce chocolate and or cake cravings :D
    Summary: :This cake is not a lie, it is chocolate.

  8. I Could Do it in My Sleep, Ginny/Luna, R
    Warnings/Kinks: slight D/s, blindfolds, corsets, nudity, (implied) spanking.
    Summary: Ginny's been a bad. bad girl (Tsk, tsk!) - whatever will Luna do with her?

  9. I made an early night.... Harry/Ron, NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: cheese
    Summary: Ron has been away on a Dangerous Mission... absence makes the heart grow fondue, and Harry drags him straight off to bed… curd your enthusiasm, Harry - Caerphilly does it... still, of course they have a Gouda time… it was a Feta ccompli....

  10. I don't believe in you, Neville Longbottom /Severus Snape, PG-13
    Warnings/Kinks: shirtless! teacher/student, viney plants
    Summary: Neville has ingested a magical plant that transformed his fear into lust, and plans to use the Devil's Snare to entrap the Potions Master. Severus is pretending he is elsewhere.

  11. Hum Bug! Harry/Charlie, NC-17 (for teeny little peen!)
    Warnings/Kinks: sex toys!
    Summary: Ceiling Cat watches you fuck... And approves!

  12. "Does my bum look big in this?", Harry/Draco, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: BDSM, Full frontal nudity, but no actual bits are exposed.
    Summary: On their anniversary, Harry accepts Draco's gift of submission. However, Draco can't help but wonder whether or not his collar and leash are the right look.

  13. And Yet [He] Lives, Snape/Lupin, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: Impending partial-bestiality in the Forbidden Forest, impending non/dub-con
    Summary: On the night of a full moon, Snape ventures out to the Forbidden Forest to collect potion supplies. He was intending on it being a quick trip, really. He was not, however, intending on running into Remus Lupin, who was supposed to have been dead. And yet he lives.

  14. Punishment, Snape/Draco, NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: Chibi-sex, supposed "non-con" bright colors.
    Summary: Draco likes his punishment a little too much.

  15. "Entertain Me"
    Snape/Harry, G/PG
    Warnings/Kinks: Um... AU-ness? Otherwise, none.
    Summary: Prince Severus is... fond... of the court's newest Jester.
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OK, because I am a complete idiot, I never recced my own giftpic over at hp_april_fools when it went up. So, here it is, in all its lovely yet slightly ouchy glory:

I like chocolate milk, George, Ron (with cameo by wee!Fred), G ♥♥♥
Warnings/Kinks: DH complaint so characters who are dead in canon are dead here.
Summary: Even the little things remind George of what's he's lost.
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  1. The British are Coming!, Snape/Harry, NC17
    Warnings/Kinks: wanking, dress up
    Summary: I think the title says it all in more ways than one.

  2. You Lied To Me, Hermione, Sirius, G ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: Bestiality

  3. It’s mostly harmless …, Snape/Harry, PG ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: creepy twisting of canon promises
    Summary: Snape promised Lily he’d watch over her boy. Always.

  4. The More the Merrier, Sirius/Remus, NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: Wall Sex
    Summary: Remus and Sirius just can't wait

  5. I look like a diseased lemon, Gilderoy Lockhart, implied pervy Snape, NC-17 ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: bad art!, DH compliant including the Epilogue (at least as I intend it, object penetration, implied voyeurism, implied chan
    Summary: Some people while annoying and absolutely intolerable during interaction, could be quite enticing and welcome under different circumstances.

  6. Yeah, I'm Listening... , Voldemort/Bellatrix/Lucius, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: Sexual situations and bloodplay.
    Summary: Voldemort, Bellatrix and Lucius take a day off and go out and about.

  7. Ouch!, Tonks, Bill Weasley, Neville Longbottom, G
    Warnings/Kinks: none
    Summary: Tonks gets a surprise when she flirts with Neville.

  8. Purple, Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore, assorted unfortunate Hogwarts students., NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: Semi-public sex, exhibitionism, twinkling Dumbedore.
    Summary: Severus simply must have his coffee and Remus must have his breakfast.

  9. Thought I Told You, Ron/Hermione, G
    Warnings/Kinks: nada
    Summary: Hermione wants to spend her day off doing house work, Ron has other ideas.
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Another week, another bunch of offerings from the Fools at April Fool's Fest! This is the fest where people work outside their normal field of expertise, so artists will write, writers will art, and those who can do both will... I dunno, stand on their heads or something. So go & give virtual hugs to those of us stretching our creative muscles where they're not used to going, and sitting funny for days afterwards ;)

And again, my ♥♥♥ only indicates stuff that caught my fancy for whatever reason, not necessarily a guarantee of The Best of the Best.

  1. I Laugh In The Face of Danger, Sirius/Lily and James (or Sirius/Lily/James if you want to imagine James is about to join in) with cameos by Moaning Myrtle and the Giant Squid, R/NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: naked bits and naked tits?
    Summary: Sirius shows his brave Gryffindor side to Lily in the Prefects Bath

  2. Damn The Man!, Harry/Luna, Snape, PG-13
    Warnings/Kinks: Drinking, hand job against a wall in a club, voyeurism, exhibitionism, Harry in a skirt and boots, very tenuous connection of title to content (I tried, I really did! They wanted it to go this way, though, and I couldn't stop them), terrible art (for serious, it is photoshopped Barbies,
    I'm so sorry, I just can't draw at all), not canon
    Summary: Harry and Luna go to a (probably goth) club and get a little over excited, someone gets to watch. ♥♥♥

  3. Be vewy, vewy quiet..., Harry/Severus, PG
    Warnings/Kinks: none
    Summary: 7 minutes in heaven.

  4. Luna L. Lovegood - LEFTHANDED!, Luna Lovegood only, G ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: none

  5. Imaginaaation, Fenrir, his mum, random people, and voyeur!Kingsley, PG-13
    Warnings/Kinks: sex, sillyness (sort of), masturbation, voyeurism
    Summary: When Fenrir's mum told him to "imagine his future for daddy," she didn't think he'd come up with what he did. Years later, Kingsley goes to visit everyone's favorite werewolf in his cell. What he sees surprises him, but what he doesn't see might excite him.

  6. "I'm not brave in bed?", Harry/Snape, R
    Warnings/Kinks: Nudity
    Summary: Harry ventures into Slytherin territory.

  7. Follow the Butterflies..., Luna/Draco, NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: hair pulling
    Summary: Luna rides more than thestrals

  8. About Last Night..., George/Lee, Ron, Neville, PG ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: Wheezes?
    Summary: "So should we tell them the Gurdyroots were stale and last night's batch of Hearts had no more effect than a placebo?"
    ::snigger:: "I vote we tell them tomorrow."
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Right, so, have never followed this fest before because tragically I had no idea it existed before this year. Which is too bad, because it's a very cute concept: take fan artists and fanfic writers and make them do what they do best aren't necessarily best at ;)

It's all in good fun, though. Go take a look and give some love for those stretching their creative muscles in directions they don't normally go :D :D :D

  1. Exit Stage Left, Ron/Hermione, Harry, Hard R
    Warnings/Kinks: Voyeurism
    Summary: Ron and Hermione go to the theatre and get... distracted.

  2. The Inner Eye Knows Best, Sybill Trelawney/Viktor Krum (sort of), PG
    Warnings/Kinks: None, unless you count my abysmal drawing skills.
    Summary: Crystal gazing.

  3. "I don't do shorts", Draco/Ginny, minor cameo by Peter Pettigrew, R for nudity
    Warnings/Kinks: Voyeurism, if you squint.
    Summary: Ginny discovers something about Draco's clothing preferences

  4. I'm Soooo Cold... Finally, Tonks/Charlie, PG-13 for nudity (no bits) and language ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: They could be anywhere from 15 to 19, I leave it up to the viewer.
    Summary: Never bet against a Weasley when sheer bravado is on the line... unless you're a Tonks.

  5. Can I Get a Hallelujah?", Snape/Giant Squid, NC-17
    Warnings/Kinks: bestiality, comeshot & inkshot, uncurbed enthusiasm
    Summary: The students are gone for holidays and the pair of longing lovers can at last reunite in the sunlight. Doesn't that deserve a Hallelujah? I think it does.

  6. You Love Him, Don't You?, Sev/Harry, Voldemort/Ginny, PG-13
    Warnings/Kinks: Planned forced bonding (doesn't happen!)
    Summary: Minerva has delivered Harry and Ginny to Voldemort to fulfill his "plans". Harry, Snape and Ginny have planned for this possibility.

  7. You Had a Busy Night?, Draco/Hermione, PG-13, ♥♥♥
    Warnings/Kinks: Mentions of Leather
    Summary: Draco and Hermione run into each other in London one evening.

  8. People Are Strange (looking?), Snape/Hermione, G
    Summary: Snape glowers and Hermione has fuzzy hair...
    Warnings/Kinks: Bad drawing.


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