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Oh hey!

Reveals are up for [ profile] hp_canon_fest!

And cool! My giftpic, I Will Not Leave You (Harry/Ginny) was by [ profile] xterm!

And the giftfic I wrote for [ profile] the_birdnest was:

Title: The House That Cedric Built
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass, various other pairings in the background.
Word Count: 38,719
Rating: R
Summary: Draco didn't think there was much reason to hope for a better future. Asteria proved him wrong.
Warnings: Possible discomfort ahead for linear thinkers ;)
Author's Note: Thank you so much to my betas, [ profile] aquila_star, [ profile] songquake and [ profile] chibitoaster. Hope you like it, [ profile] the_birdnest!

King's Cross )

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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And here's the last week's worth of fics & pics from [ profile] hp_canon_fest. ♥♥♥ indicate a fic or pic that particularly tickled my fancy. Unfortunately I haven't been able to read all of these, so I may have missed some real gems :(

  • Forever and Always, Harry/Ginny, 3000 words, PG-13
    Summary: It seems as though Lily Luna is the only one who knows how to find something in the middle of nothing and put her parents back together again.
    Warning: Fluff

  • Field Work, Ron/Hermione, 2,621words, PG13 (for language only)
    Summary: Auror Trainee Ron Weasley discovers that field work has its unexpected surprises…

  • Not A Typical Night At The Leaky Cauldron, Ron/Hermione, voyeur-Luna, pic post, PG
    Summary: Hermione has been feeling neglected ever since Ron started taking on more and more missions. At a D.A. reunion, she finally breaks down and runs away into the girl's bathroom. A concerned Ron runs after her and finds out exactly what has been bothering Hermione. He decides to give her the attention she needs right then and there in the stall, despite having company in the next stall.

  • Not There Yet, Teddy/Victoire, 1,420 words, PG
    Summary:' How could the grief caused by the death of someone you love ever lessen?'
    Warning: Minor character death

  • So Long, Sweet Misery, Percy/Audrey, 17,000 words, NC-17
    Summary: A chance meeting in the middle of chaos changes two lives forever. Can she hold on while the world is pulling her away? Will he ever feel good enough?
    Warning: Sexy times…

  • In Loneliness, Draco/Asteria, 9,951 words, NC-17
    Summary: Draco and Asteria find their way to each other.

  • Grapefruit and Orchids, James Lily, 2005 words, PG
    Summary: Lily reflects over the loss of one friend and the emergence of another

  • Finding Their Way, Ron/Hermione, 6805 words, PG
    Summary: Now that Hermione has returned from Hogwarts, and in the middle of helping Harry with a hex gone wrong, she wonders how her relationship with Ron will change.

  • Telling Ron, Ron/Hermione, 3,784 words, PG
    Summary: Ron and Hermione put their cards on the table
    Warnings: fluff and awkward teenagers?

  • What Daddy Doesn't Know Won't Kill Him!, Victoire/Teddy, pic post, hard R
    Summary: Bill doesn't trust Teddy around his little girl. But daddy's little girl isn't as innocent as she makes herself to be. Victoire teaches Teddy how to be a good boy.
    Warnings: femdom, light bondage, oral sex, delayed pleasure(Teddy), Metamorphmagus Creature!Sex

  • Generations, Arthur/Molly, Ron/Hermione, gen family fic, 1557 words, PG13 ♥♥♥
    Summary: Sometimes history has a habit of repeating.

  • My Darling and I Make Love in the Sand, Frank/Alice, 4,268 words, R
    Summary: Frank has a special place for special times.

  • Love in Wartime, Lucius/Narcissa, 11,900 words, R
    Summary: He is a Death Eater; her sister has just turned blood traitor. Lucius knows what he wants. But can he convince Narcissa?
    Warnings: pure-blood racism; mention of Death Eaters committing torture and murder

  • Connected, Ron/Hermione, ~9,300 words, NC-17
    Summary: Ron and Hermione have always shared a special bond, now their connection is complete.
    Warning: Strong Sexual Content and Language (it is Ron and Hermione after all)

  • Behind Greenhouse Three, Neville Longbottom/Hannah Abbott, pic post, G ♥♥♥
    Summary: Even heroes need a little quiet time
    Warnings: Fluffy

  • The Very Last First Time, R/Hr, H/G implied, 4,029 words, R, I think. I don’t think it’s racy enough for NC-17
    Summary: When love is brand new, everything is a first time.

  • Thread, Ron/Hermione, 1,968 words, PG ♥♥♥
    Summary: We only see Ron and Hermione from Harry's point of view; what happened in between the lines? "Thread" examines Ron and Hermione's growing relationships through a series of missing moments.

  • Full Moon, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks, 1263 words, G
    Summary: Teddy's first full moon.

  • The Ride Is Worth It, R/Hr, slight A/M, brief appearances by several other canon pairs, 9,006 words, R
    Summary: Ron and Hermione stumble on the road to their first anniversary, but learn a valuable lesson in the process. Meanwhile, something is being cooked up at the Burrow...
    Warnings: Mild language, implied sex (nothing too explicit)

  • Sometimes Hermione Doesn't Mind Interruptions to her Studies, Ron/Hermione, pic post, R
    Summary: Well, Hermione shouldn't sprawl on the floor looking all edible if she doesn't want Ron to jump her bones...
    Warnings: Fluff?
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Presto voila, here's the third week of fics & pics from [ profile] hp_canon_fest. ♥♥♥ indicate a fic or pic that particularly tickled my fancy :)

  • Winding Road, Ron/Hermione, background Harry/Ginny, 1947 words, R
    Summary: After the battle at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione begin to find their way together.

  • Secrets , Petunia/Vernon, ~5800 words, PG ♥♥♥
    Summary: Petunia has a skeleton hidden in her cupboard.

  • Five Times Ron Weasley Gives Hermione Granger a Piece of Jewellery, and One Time He Doesn't, Ron/Hermione, mentions of other Weasley family members, 6,682 words, High R ♥♥♥
    Summary: There are several points in a man's life when he gives the woman he loves jewellery, but there comes a time when someone else deserves it more.
    Warnings: Romance of the fluffiest kind.

  • Fan Girls, Lend Me Your Ear…, Percy Weasley/Audrey Wickersham, 5,603 words, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Summary: Percy has heard stories… and he's not too happy about it.
    Warnings: Crackish

  • Malfoys Get Married In Black , Narcissa/Lucius, possibly Bellatrix/Lucius, 1,323 words, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Summary: A short retelling of how the uneasy love between Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy was born.

  • If Music Be the Food of Love…, Ron/Hermione, 6,833 words, PG-13 (to be safe)
    Summary: A Ron and Hermione romance celebrating the poignant beauty in the everyday.

  • Title: You and Me, Teddy/Victoire, 6.862 words, R for swearing and hormones
    Summary: After Teddy drunkenly kisses her one night, he and Victoire struggle to try to figure out where they stand and how to let each other know
    Warnings: Set in the summer before the epilogue in Deathly Hallows. Canon pairings, of course.

  • Weathering the Storm, Ron/Hermione, picpost and ~3000 words, PG-13
    Summary: Hermione sticks by her husband no matter what.

  • Happily Ever After, Ron & Hermione, 2,051 words, NC-17
    Summary: On Graduation Day, Ron and Hermione do some celebrating
    Warnings: Well, it is an NC-17 rated fic!

  • Title: Now You Know, Neville/Hannah, 4, 599 words, R
    Summary: The things worth having never come easily. One would think that after surviving a war that two people would be due some happiness, but sometimes it takes work to get there. Follow Neville and Hannah during the last year of the war and the year following it and find out how Neville really got that scar on his cheek.
    Warnings: Language, violence, and mentions of sex.

  • A Coffee Shop on the Edge of Tomorrow , Percy Weasley/Audrey Sandhurst, 3042 words, R
    Summary: The War has been over for nearly a year, and Percy stops in for a cup of tea, but finds much more.
    Warnings: Fluff and a tiny bit of angst, mentions of canon character death

  • The House That Cedric Built, Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass, various other pairings in the background, 38,719 words, R ♥♥♥
    Summary: Draco didn't think there was much reason to hope for a better future. Asteria proved him wrong.
    Warnings: Possible discomfort ahead for linear thinkers ;)

  • "Phases", Remus/Tonks, 1,199 words, PG ♥♥♥
    Summary: As the moon revolves around the earth, so Tonks navigates the phases of her pregnancy.

  • “Honeymoon: You’ve got it all!”, Ron and (of course)Hermione, picpost, All (it depends of your imagination) but probably light R to be safe
    Summary: This is my first time participating of any kind of “exchange fest”, and since the start I thought it was the right decision.

Het alert!

Jan. 18th, 2010 11:39 pm
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Second week of posting over at [ profile] hp_canon_fest is done, and here is another list of fics & pics. ♥♥♥ indicate a fic or pic I thought was particularly interesting - not a value judgment at all, just an unsubstantiated opinion :)

  1. Title: In the Storm, R/Hr, 2,469, R
    Summary: Set several months after the final battle. Things are not going as Ron would have hoped.

  2. Title: In Time: Chronicles, Teddy/Victoire, 17,967 words, NC-17 ♥♥♥
    Summary: Returning home offers challenges for Teddy and Victoire that go beyond mere changes in space, especially as it’s the space between them that seems the greatest obstacle.
    Warnings: none really; just smut

  3. Title: In My Life, I Love You More, Ted/Andromeda, 2183 words, R
    Summary: Her future mother-in-law's words – "Your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life" – echo in Andromeda's mind. Because although she is happy and she has not regretted her decision – not once – there is a heaviness upon her heart that she cannot quite displace.
    Warnings: sexual situations

  4. Title: Love and Shadow, Ron/Hermione, 2,209 words, NC-17
    Summary: The war is over, but Ron continues to fight battles every day as an Auror. As his job begins to take its toll on him, Hermione struggles to keep him whole.

  5. Title: Magnificent, Ron/Hermione, 4850 words, PG 13
    Summary: Ron and Hermione Memorable Moments are shared with some of those they love most.
    Warnings: Large Package of Fluff with a bit of Weasley Bickering ahead.

  6. Title: Date Night, Draco/Asteria, 5,300 words, NC-17 ♥♥♥
    Summary: While out on a date with his wife, Draco Malfoy runs into someone from his past.
    Warnings: Strong sexual content, adult situations, violence (including use of an Unforgivable), and some disturbing content.

  7. My own giftpic!
    Title: I Will Not Leave You., Harry/Ginny, picpost, G ♥♥♥
    Summary: Harry finds Ginny right after the battle.

  8. Title: Missions and Madness, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, 3,874 words, NC-17
    Summary: Ron can’t seem to get a handle around his Auror Training; can Hermione help?

  9. Title: The History Behind The White Room, Lucius/Narcissa, 7,223 words, R ♥♥♥
    Summary: Narcissa accepts an invite from Lucius' mother to stay at the Manor for summer, and, happily, ends up with more than she expected.
    Warnings: First time sex

  10. Title: Giraffe, Ron/Hermione, George/Angelina, implied Harry/Ginny, 4,019 words, NC-17
    Summary: Can Ron leave George behind and do what he really wants to do?
    Warnings: Um, smut, and occasional swearing. Wet!Ron. Wait, do I have to warn for that?

  11. Title: Against the Storm, Ron/Hermione, 2120 words, PG ♥♥♥
    Summary: As the Battle of Hogwarts winds down, Ron and Hermione discover new found strength in each other

  12. Title: Chosen, Lucius/Narcissa, ~4,269 words, PG-13 ♥♥♥
    Summary: Lucius is used to getting anything he wishes. Since childhood, he's been told he'd marry one of the Black sisters, and on his first day of Hogwarts he makes his choice. Unfortunately, his choice isn't remotely interested, and Lucius is determined to find out why and turn that fact around.
    Warnings: Nothings much. Some snogging.

  13. Title: "I Know What’s Mine", Ron and Hermione, 3470 words, RT or NC-17
    Summary: After their last visit was cut short, Ron and Hermione make up for lost time.
    Warnings: None, I guess. Just some naughtiness.

  14. Title: Hands, Neville/Hannah, picpost (plus 335 words, PG-13
    Summary: After a trying day, Neville visits The Leaky Cauldron.
    Warnings: Mild sexual references

Plus two more random recs, not from [ profile] hp_canon_fest:
  1. Lost and Gone Forever, by [ profile] madeyemax,Fred/Draco, George/Draco, 7,307 words, R
    Summary: Many were lost in the war, even some of those who managed to survive.
    Warnings: Non-con, post-traumatic stress disorder, post war, AU.
    Rec: Despite loving all the characters listed, I totally would not have read this if not for the author, 'cause, you know, the warnings and the [ profile] hp_darkfestiness. Heed warnings, seriously. Brilliantly done, though one of the angstiest things I've ever read.

  2. ...and an antidote to the above: The Perfect Solution, by [ profile] cassie_black12, Harry/George, ~9500 words, NC-17
    Summary: In the post-war world, neither Harry nor George are coping particularly well; Ron comes up with the perfect solution.
    Warnings: Man!Sex, Rimming, fluff, EWE.
    Rec: Can I just say I'm glad [ profile] cassie_black12 was able to ignore the "tiny, Malfoy-sounding voice of outrage in the back of [her] mind"? 'Cause I could hear him too, but you know, he's not the only one allowed to play with Harry's bits.


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