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  1. So, don't know if anybody remembers the Big Old Table of History Songs that I asked for help with a long, long time ago? The one that ended up having (gulp) 86 songs?

    I just saw this (NWS!!) video the other day, immediately thought of sharing it here, then realized that it's hardly the first woman-centred video I've linked to from here. Decided to see what else I'd posted. Found a few. Then wanted to find more.

    Not all of these videos are entirely positive wrt the entirety of women, but all of them (IMHO) at least give you something to think about, even if you disagree in part with the message or the messenger.

    (list of characters/sources here)

    So... any suggestions to add to the list? They don't have to be All Women Are Wonderful Just the Way They Are. Just -themed.

  2. The other day I got a very nice review which ended with, Though don't think Brits would say "You're taking the piss!" More something like "you're kidding me!" or "you're joking!"

    I don't think I've ever seen or heard of the expression outside of the Harry Potter fandom, and Wikipedia, Wikrionary, World Wide Words and "T" all list it as a UK colloquialism, but is it actually not used in Britglish?
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Wow! It snowed on lj yesterday! I arrived, as usual, too late to the party, but was thrilled to have received so many snowflakes! Thank you, [ profile] ayes_sid, [ profile] zebrui, [ profile] tuawahine, [ profile] kath_ballantyne, [ profile] envious_ema, [ profile] maple_mahogany, [ profile] fourth_rose, [ profile] silvergreen98, [ profile] rickey_a, and [ profile] karaz - you totally made my day :D :D :D

In return... well, no, not in return, because I'm about to share a link that is as horrifying as it is hilarious, as opposed to the snowflakes, which were not horrifying at all. Still, here's one of my favourite Christmas traditions: every year at this time, I take a little stroll through

Going Jesus: The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities

Yes, there is a website in which you may find the Marshmallow Nativity, the Chicken Nativity (B'Gock!), more fiber-optics nativities than you ever wanted to see, and many, many more.

Whoooo is the son of God? Whoooo?

Go see! Enjoy! And Season's Greetings to one and all :) :)
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Some people, when they notice they have a big flist, see it as an opportunity to try to do some good in the world. I always thought I would be one of those people, if I had a big flist.

Instead, I end up sharing links like the following, found while looking up the SNL "More Cowbell" video:

Jizz in my Pants

...not sure this counts as "doing good." For one thing, I had the bloody tune in my head for hours last night, and passed it on to my partner. Consider yourself forewarned!
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Hm... been a while since anything was posted over here...

  • Title: Tell me a story...
    Author: co-written by [ profile] thenotoriousso4 and [ profile] kaalee
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Dean/Seamus
    Word Count: ~5800
    Author's Notes: Loosely based in the_leaky-verse. Unofficial backstory to Dean and Seamus’ relationship/friendship. Set in the summer after sixth year. Written in a RP format, so beware of roving PoV.

  • Gosh, I'd forgotten how much I loved QaF. Yesterday I was reminded of why:

    Brian and Justin (though it's mostly Brian & Michael on this clip, and yay! for Michael not sounding as whiny as he usually does) - He left because of you

    Brian and Justin - Justin says No

  • All the above came from a wicked lj thread on on boykissing... which is unfortunately flocked. I would so link to it if it wasn't!

    Oh and sorry, the Brian/Justin clips don't actually feature kissing. Somebody linked to a B/J kissing clip (::snicker:: my inner thirteen-year-old says "you said BJ!"), which linked to another kissing clip, which led to some clips that I didn't know Youtube allowed, which (about an hour later) eventually led to lovely angsty bits. This is why I don't hang around Youtube often ;)

  • Title: Eislean cuir stad air
    Author: Anonymous
    Prompt: Prompt 79. The Tragedy of Deirdre
    Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
    Summary: It is universally agreed that fate is inevitable, though sometimes it can hang on a precipice. It only takes a breath to tip the balance, but on which side will it fall?
    Rating: NC 17
    Warning(s): AU
    Word Count: 68,000ish
    Author's Notes: I've had to mix things around quite a bit to make my vision of the prompt fit into JKR's world. While I've tried to stay close to canon, I have tweaked some things and outright changed others to make the fic work. In the end, I'm happy with it, and I hope you enjoy it too. :D The title translates loosely to 'Sorrow suspended,' and the cut text means 'if this be my lot.' I used Gaelic translations, as inspired by the roots of the fable.

    I don't usually like AUs, but this one drew me in :)

  • Title: Public Affairs
    Author: ???
    Prompt: #215 submitted by [ profile] karala
    Rating: R
    Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny
    Summary: Harry never could have foreseen what would happen when he teamed up with Draco Malfoy to improve the public perception of Slytherin House.
    Warnings: Um, it’s got some rather random cameos, some very vaguely implied femmeslash and it’s cleaner and angstier than I usually write. Other than that…
    Word Count: ~17,500
    Author's Notes: This fic kicked my ass back and forth for months so here's hoping you like it! I’m afraid Snape’s portrait didn’t want to come out and play, but I got your other two additions in.
    Beta’d by Dollface who is so awesome I can barely express it.

  • Title: Partake
    Author: [ profile] dysonrules
    Pairing: Harry/Draco
    Rating: NC17
    Length: 3,800
    Summary: Draco likes Firewhiskey.
    Warnings: Um, alcohol is bad? Except in this particular case.
    Disclaimer: JKR owns my soul and everything associated with it.

  • One of my kids apparently has the swine flu. No blood test done, but the doc in the Hazmat suit yesterday said that's what it is. Yesterday he was lying around whimpering, and today he's running around upset that he can't run around more. Yay!
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  • The Childbirth Song, by Helen Austin

  • I very much doubt any of my flist will be able to read, let alone understand the wordplay, in the following poem, but in case anybody does, here it is:

    Si pública es la mujer que por puta se reputa,
    La puta, reconocida, re-pública ha de ser.
    Y siguiendo el proceder
    De esta lógica absoluta,
    Aquel que se reputa
    Ser de República hijo
    Ha de ser, a punto fijo,
    El hijo de una gran puta.

  • Missing lj. RL gone insane. Hope to be back by September 9.

  • Signed up for [ profile] hd_holidays and [ profile] hp_canon_fest. I may be insane. I'm even partly (a very small partly, mind you) hoping I don't get in to [ profile] hd_holidays.
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Not as catchy as The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, but also less likely to leave you with nightmares for a while afterwards. ::shudder::

  1. Except for maybe this item. This is one of the ouchiest things I have read in a long, long time. Must check out more of [ profile] nextgendarkfest.

    Hm... is is wrong to read something, hurt down to your soul, and not only want to share it but immediately feel the need to track down more hurty stuff? Hope not.

    A Bite that Never Heals
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: ~12,700
    Pairing(s): James/Teddy
    Warnings: mention of chan (James is 16, Teddy is 22), explicit sex, violence, very strong language, mental health issues, implied drug use, BDSM, biting, bondage, blood-play, use of sex toys, perceived spousal abuse, perceived infidelity, mention of minor character death. SPOILERS )
    Summary: People assume that James Potter has everything. But what he really has is a father who won’t get out of bed, an unhelpfully reclusive brother, and the Wizarding World’s answer to Peaches Geldof for a sister. When Teddy Lupin, the only good thing in James’ life, goes missing, how will James cope? And how is his Aunt Hermione involved in Teddy’s disappearance?

  2. I have this quote in my mind, and I think it's from canon, of (I think) one of the twins, saying something like, "A brutal double murder by the groom's mother might put a dent in the festivities." But I can't find it in Deathly Hallows. Does anyone know who says it, and where? Or am I thinking of something from [ profile] sarahtales?

  3. I've finally gone and made a list of various translations people have done for my fics (mostly Bond). I think I've got them all. Any multi-tongued folks want to take a look and let me know if I'm missing any?

    Translations )

  4. I've been singing this to myself off and on for days. Thought I'd share the pain joy :)

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These women are my new heroes
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  • This is a bit of a mind trip: Bond is currently being translated into Chinese. Chapter 1 just went up. I'm... 在敬畏. Which I translated through Babelfish, so for all I know, I've just declared myself a transvestite albino werewolf.

  • My shock and awe continues: I got a notice that some lovely people who asked me a while ago if they could translate my stuff into Spanish have started a community, [ profile] id_traduce. I'm... rather completely blown away. Thus far they have Honestidad (Honesty). It is so weird to read something I wrote, but didn't!

    Aside: ¿Hay gente que lee este lj que hablan español? Me parece que sí.

  • Moving along away from self-referentialism, here's fic from [ profile] springtime_gen:
    Recapturing Memories
    Character(s): Neville Longbottom, Minerva McGonagall, various members of Dumbledore’s Army
    Rating: PG-13
    Wordcount: 5,604
    Summary: The Room of Requirement has been dormant for ten years. However, Neville’s return to Hogwarts seems to be the catalyst it needs to revive … and relive some very powerful memories.
    Rec: Beautiful backstory to the DA during Snape's year as Headmaster. ♥♥♥

  • My choir sings The Messiah next weekend. We may not get booed off the stage. How exciting!
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Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Sunday, to those who don't! (And Happy Monday to Australians, New Zealanders, and time warp dwellers.)

Once again, a set of links that defy classification.

  • First off, another Ravenous Romance book review by Jane, for Making a Scene, by Trudy Doyle. This is the same woman who did the review of the book with the squeebing lady-softness and straining codpiece. And she does have more good things to say about this book than she did the previous one. Then again, I think I have more good things to say about Pit of Voles fanfic than she did about the codpiece book. My hypocrisy, let me show you it: every single one of my fics is up on ff.n ;)

    Anyway, here's two excerpts: one from the review and one from the novel itself:

    • Warning - this is an epic review. And by epic, I mean long. And also full of terms like "joy juice" "muff" and "spunk."
    • "Above the semi-wall of my laptop screen, I can see she looks not only at the downslide of her hottiness"

  • Courtesy of [ profile] fish_echo, found an absolute treasure trove of weird stuff, including this fic. Am not usually terribly fond of AUs, but this one has sucked me in:

    Title: Switch
    Author: [ profile] corvidae9
    Rating: G
    Length: 1900 words
    Author's Summary: The Sorting Hat has sorted thousands of students in the course of its life. If it makes a mistake or two, who's to say it's wrong? Certainly not Fred or George Weasley.

    Excerpt: Ron sat next to a weeping girl named Parvati and a clearly unimpressed girl named Pansy, for the most part pole-axed as to how the bloody hell he'd turned out a Ravenclaw.

    "M-m-mum says Ravenclaws don't have time for silly things like nail polish and-and-and giiiirl magazines," she blubbered. "I like girly magazines! I don't want to die alone in a library with a hundred cats! That's Padma's job!"

    Rec: I love watching the events of the books unfold with the main characters in different houses, but I'm even more fascinated by how she takes their canon personalities and... tweaks them, a bit, to show how the kids would act if they believed they were Sorted where they were for a good reason. Cannot decide who I'm loving the most: Slytherin!Hermione or Gryffindor!Crabbe and Goyle.

  • And from [ profile] hd_worldcup, which I was kinda bummed to have to miss this year, here's a totally brilliant fic:

    Team AU: 20. Close your eyes and think of Hogwarts.
    Title: primum mobile, or ten forgotten things
    Team: AU, baby!
    Author: [ profile] kirinin
    Prompt: 20. Close your eyes and think of Hogwarts.
    Wordcount: just over 4,000
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None, really.
    Summary: The truth: logic isn't in the lump in his throat, in his stuttering pulse. He needs the certainty of his name on someone else's lips, which means he needs Malfoy...

    Excerpt: When Harry's gaze swings up to Hogwarts Castle, there's nothing there.
    Rec: OMG CREEPY!! Left me all shivery/shuddery afterwards. Brilliant.

  • And! from [ profile] yay_potterkids! A little!Draco ficlet:
    Title: Sweet Smile
    Author: [ profile] softly_sweetly
    Characters: Lucius, Draco
    Length: ~430
    Rating: G
    Warnings: Kid!Fluff. I suppose this is also OOC, but I always thought Lucius had a soft spot for Draco :)
    Summary: Draco can get away with anything

    Excerpt: Parchment was strewn everywhere. And not everywhere in Narcissa's language, when he'd left a few coffee cups around the Manor and she made him sleep in one of the guest rooms for a night. Everywhere in the literal sense. Over every surface, every piece of furniture, and somehow stuck to one of the windows with a green substance Lucius would not be investigating any time soon.
    Rec: Aaaawwww...
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Somebody on my flist linked to this and I can't figure out who. Whoever you are? Thank you for almost waking up my children. I was seriously shrieking last night as I read through. It's a link to a couple of scanned pages from a published novel, where the scanner said, "There was no way to simply say, 'I read a really bad description in this book last night.' I had to scan it and share it for you to understand just how bad it truly, truly was. It is the sort of bad that causes pain and must be shared with other people so you can feel better."

And OMFG she's absolutely right.

Small sample:

Her spine was a snake. It was the track of a snake. It was the groove the water snake makes in the glossy mud of the riverbank. Her spine was a viper, an anaconda. It was the strength of the anaconda. It was the anaconda's unknown hieroglyphic. Her spine was a ladder, a rod; it was a chain, a canal, it was a caravan. Her buttocks were fresh-baked loaves; they were ivory eggs, they were the eggs of the lonely phoenix. They were a fist.

Now, if you get turned off by buttfists, which sounds ever so much kinkier than it really is, you can follow this next link, provided by another kind soul on my flist whose name I failed to bookmark in order to properly thank them. It's a review of Knight Moves, another published romance:

Brief excerpts: text, cut for profanity and serious queeb )

(Reviewer says) ...After the aforementioned erotic sex scene (and by erotic, I mean sex so terrible that even the idea of my parents’ coupling is preferable to revisiting this), we are treated to some post coital love talk:

"...If you desire proof, you only need consider the three very real climaxes you just had in your lady-softness.”

My eyes fly wide. “How did you know I came three times?”

He grins wider. “Your lady-softness told me herself when she was wrapped round my codpiece.”

... I know. There are no words. Or rather, there are a whole lot of words. Bad, bad, libido-killing words. I have to wonder if my own brain will ever recover from this experience; I shudder to imagine what this may mean to my lady-softness.

ETA: It was [ profile] cassandrathevil. Living up to the last part of her username with gusto :D :D :D
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  • Started to do the "Fics Written in 2008" meme. Can't find my post now. The hell?

  • So I started this George/Angelina fic (shut up), didn't know if I would go on with it, but am now pretty sure I will. I need a new title, though, because right now its working title is Georgelina, which is simply not on. Suggestions?

  • [ profile] daily_snitch is looking for fics/art with Lee Jordan as the main character. Squee! I see [ profile] iamshadow's fic is already there, as is [ profile] maple_mahogany's, and my own wonderful [ profile] weasley_fest giftfic from [ profile] loony4lupin and [ profile] madeyemax. And! A fic from [ profile] silentauror that I haven't even read yet! ::squeeee!:: I also added in [ profile] vanseedee's George/Lee prompt table, but can't find a piece of art, possibly by [ profile] kath_ballentyne, called (I think) Vulnerable. It's George/Lee.


    Also, if you have any other Lee fic/art suggestions, go here.

  • I was sooo proud of myself for not signing up for [ profile] hds_beltane or [ profile] hd_worldcup! So very proud of myself, because fun as they both were last year, and sweetly as they both called my name this year, every night, whispering, "Do it, sign up, you want to dooooo it!" I remained firm.

    So you can imagine my dismay when I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to sign up for [ profile] hp10k_showcase, took about two seconds to think, and then signed up. ::facepalm::

    It's different, though. It's not a fest, it's not an exchange, there are no prompts. And it's for short fics only (less than 10,000 words). And it's to raise awareness of various issues. I'm doing Native/Aboriginal Awareness.

    Link to intro post and list of authors )

  • BTW, I think [ profile] hd_worldcup is all done with sign-ups (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) and [ profile] hds_beltane is all full up for fics, but there's still room for artist sign-ups.

  • [ profile] vanseedee put up the Epilogue to her George/Lee prompt table. It's wonderful, and sad, and also bloody godawful because it means no more parts to this story :(

  • Had a list of other stories I wanted to link to, and also can't find it. It's probably with the 2008 fics post. ::sigh::
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Funny the things that come up when you're away from the weebs for a while. To wit:

  • There has been Glee!! And I almost missed it!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!eleven!!

    ::ahem:: It's called Three Indecent Acts, by [ profile] maple_mahogany, and it's adorable.

    Quote: Now, you know I love Hermione and I would never betray her, yeah? But I can think of at least three indecent acts that I could get it up for with that girl.

  • And there has been H/D! Actually, there has been lots of H/D, and I had a list of fics I wanted to rec and now I don't. Help?

    I do have a link to one of them: [ profile] fourth_rose's Not In the Hands of Boys, chapter 21!

    BTW, um. Cliffie alert. But: ohsogood!

  • There has been a plotbunny that I'm currently batting away because seriously, this is the wrong time for it, but it keeps popping up again. We'll see how it does when I'm done my current round of fic and RL obligations. It's based around a very old entry over at [ profile] road_ahead, Goodbye, my son.

  • Teeny tiny snippet of the Georgefic That'll Never See the Light of Day )

  • Got my [ profile] weasley_fest assignment and it's a good thing I've got till June, cause I am drawing a total and absolute blank here.

    What's the protocol for when you haven't put something on your list of squicks, but when you get your assignment, you wish you had? And what if it's not so much a squick as a "Um... sure, whatever floats your boat, but gosh, that sounds as sexy and intriguing to me as collecting fridge magnets"? Because it's not a squick. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm not turned off. I just don't get the attraction, in any way at all. And trying to figure out how to write it is leaving me staring at a big old blank screen with the cursor blinking mockingly at me.

    I want to do this well. But I can't figure out how to do it at all.

  • I'm sure everyone and their (literate) dog has heard this one by now, but in case you haven't: Deathly Hallows will be two movies, not one. It's all too far away for me to have a definite opinion on it. Expect I'll be pleased once I think about it, as my opinions on the books and movies tend to be pretty uncritical. I reserve my discriminating mind for fics; probably 'cause I expect more out of them ;)

  • My [ profile] hd_worldcup fic is almost done!! ::bounce::

  • Got a huge paper due on Monday, which is decidedly not almost done ::thud::

ETA: I think I'm a little sleep-deprived. I went to put in a link to one of the things I've got in the list above, and the link I put in was

<a href="The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), which provides import tariff preferences to developing countries, defines "internationally recognized labor rights" as including freedom of association; the right to organize and bargain collectively; the prohibition against forced labor, child labor under a certain age... and minimum acceptable employment conditions...">

...which, oddly enough, did not link to a scene with a lovely blow job. So if I've missed or messed up something crucial in this post, can y'all let me know?
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And yes, I figured most of those using Altavista Babelfish. So for all I know I just asked all Russian speakers to marry their fish or something.

I just got a request to translate one of my fics into Spanish, and was forced to tell the wonderful person who asked that I wasn't actually sure which stories were being translated, so I couldn't say yes yet. I know Vinculo (Bond in Spanish) is up to chapter 7 so far, and Bond in Portuguese is finished, and Bond in French is up to chapter 13, and I know Intruders slashzine was planning to translate Confession Is Good For the Soul into Spanish. But other than that I've very ditzily lost track of what's happening where.

So: help? If anybody has come across any of my stuff in other languages, could you let me know and, if you can, send me the link? I'm going to go update my ff.n profile to show the above, because it's kinda really incredibly dumb of me to have neglected this. I can't imagine translating even one short story from English to Spanish (my two native tongues) so the amount of work people have put in translating monsters like Bond just boggles my mind, and certainly deserves better than to have me draw a blank when people ask me about it.
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... and I think I'm about skip-4000 behind on my flist, so if anything big happened while I was in ether purgatory, could you let me know?

  • To celebrate my shiny new modem and its thrilling ability to, like, work, I headed over to my emotional e-home (where I mostly only lurk, but still I miss them when I can't see them) and found this:

    Desperately adore + first fandom was Star Trek => heaven. Personal fave? "I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am."

  • Also found this, from a fic I know nothing about and which may be freaking Shakespeare otherwise, except for this jarring little bit:

    "...his hands to move south until they were working Draco’s lower back, then the perfect globs of his arse."

    I'm trying to decide whether that's better or worse than "[Lee] took him deep into his mouth, breathing in the tantalizing scent of muck from his groin."

    Lest anyone think I'm mocking the authors, I'm not. We've all made typos like those. My personal faves from my own fics are "[Draco] had indeed spent six years in and out of prison, following his father's footsteps with a little less flare," (did y'all know Lucius was an arsonist? I didn't!) and "Lucius' tone was imminently reasonable." (Look out!! He's about to be reasonable!!)

  • And, from somewhere on my flist, here's a neat video: US Muslim Film Contest: A Land Called Paradise

    I must confess it never occurred to me that the words "Muslim country star" could be written together (probably because I live in Ottawa and there's a huge Muslim community here, but we're all too cold to sing country music), but hey, you know, whatever works :)

    ETA: It took me forever to find the lyrics to the song, so in case anybody else was curious, here they are: Lyrics )


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