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  • This, via [ profile] twistedm, will make you grin more widely than you have ever grinned before: San Francisco's Answer to Westboro Baptist Church's protest at Twitter HQ.

  • Writer's block: Copy that
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    You know what? I actually think that some day we will look back on the cloning "debate" with the same puzzlement we look upon the artificial insemination "debate." As in, there will still be plenty of perfectly normal people who think it's totally immoral, but the bulk of the population won't understand what the big deal is. Cloning won't be terribly common, but everyone will know that although there are some weirdos who never should been allowed to clone - or even reproduce at all - the majority will be just folks who have a kid who's a heck of a lot like them. And there'll be studies showing that clones are no more likely than anyone else to be saddled with unrealistic parental expectations, or to get along great with their clone parent, or to clash horribly with their clone parent during their teenage years.

    Mind you, right now I don't think cloning is a good idea, and I can think of a million reasons why it's a very very bad idea. But I think eventually people will do it, whether we want them to or not, and eventually the rest of us will realize that none of our worst fears were borne out.

    That, or it'll spell the end of humanity as we know it ;)

  • Last week my flist came up with a heck of a lot of really, really cool posts regarding concrit, and what concrit means, and who likes to receive concrit, and what's the difference between concrit and flames, and... anyway, I was buried under RL and didn't join the party till it was over.

    Personally? Concrit makes my day. Even unsolicited concrit, though when it's worded too bluntly it's a little harder to feel totally positive about it. Read more... )

    So. Anybody who wants to leave concrit on anything I post, please feel free.

    Oh! And! This was not unsolicited, but a few weeks ago, [ profile] authoress_girl gave me a heads-up about a few Britishisms/non-Britishisms (and I completely forgot to thank her, because I'm a disorganized twit), so [ profile] authoress_girl, if you're reading this: THANK YOU!!. I'm sure a lot of the oopsies you talked about are still there on my posted stuff. But I've changed a few things, and have gone through not-yet-posted-here stories and made changes.

  • The Fandom Meme:
    01. The first character I fell in love with: I honestly don't remember. Probably Draco. Maybe?

    02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Neville :) I really liked it when Dumbledore pointed out that standing up to one's friends took even more courage than standing up to one's enemies, but saw that as a cool Dumbledore thing, not a cool Neville thing. But then Neville's character got cooler and cooler and the actor who portrays him did such a great job and now? Neville is made of awesome.

    03. The character (most) everyone else loves that I don't: Can't think of anyone. I find Hagrid annoying, but it seems most of the fandom does too. I used to find Luna annoying, but she grew on me :)

    04. The character I love that everyone else hates: Ginny. ::duck::

    05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Hm... Remus? He was just weird in the last two books. ::sniffle::

    06. The character I would shag anytime: Ah, oh dear, to be honest? None of them. They're almost all messed up in one huge way or another. I tend to fall for characters that would, in RL, send me running from the room screaming.

    07. The character I want to be like: None of 'em. See above re. Seriously Messed Up.

    08. The character I'd slap: Draco, definitely. Or the twins. Occasionally Hermione. Ron, if he was being self-pitying. Harry, during his CAPSLOCK!time of the month. Fleur, every waking moment of every day.

    See what I mean about falling for characters I would hate in RL? Fleur is the one exception; I don't like her in the books either.

    09. A pairing that I love: Harry/Draco for the opposites attract, Harry/Ron for the bestmates thing, Ron/Draco for the sheer WTF?? Harry/Ginny and George/Angelina for the "which dysfunctional/pathological aspect of this relationship shall we concentrate on today?"

    10. Two pairings that I hate: Anything with Snape in it. This despite the fact that one of my favourite fics features Harry/Snape. Also I would rather spork my eyes out than read Dumbledore paired with anyone. Or Hagrid paired with anyone. I am aware that there is such a thing as a Snape/Dumbledore/Hagrid threesome out there. Let us speak of it no more.

    11.Favourite character: Really depends on what I'm currently reading/writing. Probably a threesome-way tie between Harry, Draco, and Ron. With some George thrown in there too.

    12. My six favourite characters: Harry, Draco, Ron, George, Hermione, Neville.

    13. My five least favourite characters: The Dursleys take up three spots. Add in Filch and Umbridge and it's a thorougly unpleasant set.

    14. Which character I am most like: Dunno. None of them, I don't think. Possibly Ron? OTOH, I am almost spacey enough to be Luna...

    15. My deep, dark fandom secret: It's not much of a secret, seeing as how I once wrote an Ode to Ginny ;)

  • And, lastly, a link :)

    Replying to comments left on my [ profile] hd_holidays fic (btw, almost done with replies!), I realized something. And I'll Tell You No Lies is the first story I've written where coming out is an actual issue for our boys. I generally read (and write) the wizarding world as relatively blase about homosexuality compared to the Muggle world, as they are about non-wizarding-related racism and sexism, reserving their intolerance for blood-related issues.

    But the reason I wrote it coming-out-themed was that a while ago on the [ profile] hp10k_showcase, I read a story that just blew my mind: [ profile] alaana_fair's Ember. Suddenly wizarding-world-as-intolerant became a really interesting thing to ponder. So, in case I didn't burble enough at [ profile] alaana_fair at the time: your story rocks! Among a group of stories that were completely amazing, at least one reader still remembers what you wrote, and thought about it a great deal.

    And to anyone who didn't read it: Go! Read! Enjoy!
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I'm looking for songs that tell true stories about people or events, as biographies, ballads, whatever. This is what I've got so far:

Mopping Up the Dirty Pool, by Spirit of the West (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 1989)
Ballad of Spring Hill, Peter, Paul and Mary, (Spring Hill, Nova Scotia mine disaster, 1958)
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon Lightfoot, (self-explanatory, 1975)
Abraham, Martin and John, by ?, (Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John Lennon Kennedy ACK I knew that ::facepalm::; mention Robert Kennedy)
This Memory, The Wyrd Sisters, (Montreal Massacre, 1989)
Pride, U2, (Martin Luther King Jr., 1929-1968)
Thank You Sister Rosa, by the Neville Brothers (Rosa Parks, 1913-2005)
The Russians, Sting (Cold War, 1940s-1990s)
Children's Crusade, Sting (WWI, 1914-1918)
The Ship Titanic, campfire song (Titanic Sinking, 1219)

... any others? Suggestions? Ideas? Opinions? Haiku?

Oh and also I finally found it! There's this meme that goes around every January re. fics written in the previous year. I knew I'd done one this year, but couldn't find it. I have the organizational skills of an average spider plant. ::sigh::

Stories Wot I Wrote in 2008 & writing meme )
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Somehow, and I swear this was not intentional, this turned into a post mostly related to [ profile] fourth_rose. B'zuh?

  • But first, a rec: At First Sight, by [ profile] aquila_star. Arthur and Molly Weasley, from the very beginning. Yes, I am reccing het. It's just... ::squeee:: It rings so true to the characters, and it's so sweet to see them all young and bright-eyed and not yet able to strike fear into a huuuge horde of red-headed boys.

  • So, [ profile] fourth_rose. First off, I was reminded this morning of her [ profile] hd_holidays e-mail fic, which is frankly hysterical. Go. Read.

  • Second, OMGOMG, she's updated Not In the Hands of Boys. Squeee!

  • And I finally finished a post I started a while ago, prompted by [ profile] fourth_rose, who did the opposite of "Top Ten Ways You Know You're Reading a Fic By Me."

    After writing out a few list items I realized that for many of the things I can't/won't write, I sounded rather snooty, like I thought there was something wrong with them. Which isn't the case, mostly. To me, non-writeable-by-me-elements of fic are a little like non-favourite foods, with varying degrees of Not My Thing:

    • Peaches: They're not my favourite fruit and I don't normally use/cook with them myself, but will happily eat them if they are offered.
    • Swiss cheese: Don't get it, avoid eating it, but if drowned out by other stuff I'll swallow with a smile, instead of spitting into a napkin. Think no absolutely ill of others who love it.
    • Blue cheese: Don't get it. Can't eat it. Ick. Others like it; go them. Just... not near me, 'k?
    • Monkey Brain: Don't get it, wrong wrong wrong, wish it did not exist as a food.

    Top Ten Ways you know you're not reading one of my stories )
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  • Sheesh, I totally hadn't realized how much I've written in the last few years. And how well I still remember my HTML, almost ten years after I last worked as a web editor :)

    The whole kneazle and kaboodle )

    Quick reference to fests/remixes/exchanges )

  • Oh right! I almost forgot! Believe it or not, the whole reason I started this massive inventory project (besides the fact that I suddenly realized I had no clue what I'd written, and where) was that I came across files from a meme I did many many many moons ago, for my previous fandom, and was thinking of doing it here.

    The Meme: Ask any five questions. Ask them of any of my characters, any of my stories. They can all be for the same character & same story, or five different characters, five different stories, or whatever combination thereof strikes your fancy. Any questions. "Neville from Bond, did you ever overhear Harry & Draco going at it being, um, marital in the dorm, accidentally or on purpose?" "Hermione from Estranged, what made you finally decide to divorce Ron?" and "Draco from Volunteers, what's your favourite colour?" are all good. If they're too shy to answer, they'll say so ;)

  • ETA: And BTW if anybody wanted to download Abide With Me that I posted about yesterday, here's a link that actually works. And it's from my own choir! Back when we had sopranos who could dance around at high B flat without breaking a sweat. The really loud one you can hear is standing right next to me :)


Aug. 19th, 2008 08:50 pm
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I've seen this around in the last few days and thought I'd give it a whirl - though I have not been tagged, and will not be tagging anyone.

Note: I've written under two names, but will mostly stay with my Anna Fugazzi name in the meme. Most of my other stuff is Law & Order, so nobody would know what I was talking about anyway.

writerly navel-gazing )
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I'm a little hesitant about posting this because it's a lot like a Director's Commentary thingy. I've tried to watch the ones for LOTR so many times, and they're unbelievably soporific. Love them, really interested in what they have to say, but they knock me out within ten minutes every time.

Posting it anyway. If you choose to read, have soft things nearby, so when you fall asleep you won't bruise yourself ;)

So, yeah, Riptide. Which I wrote.

Has got to be the most responded-to thing I've ever written, at least on a per-word basis. Bond got more comments, but it's a monster and has been up for years now, so it doesn't count. I started writing down my thoughts after some of the comments Riptide got and it kinda... grew. ::blinks in dismay:: And kept growing. And by now, OMG it even needs a Table of Contents ::facepalm:: Read only the parts that interest you :)

Note: Draco's wife was referred to as Astoria Greengrass by JRK in an interview, but then the family tree she drew seemed to show the name as Asteria. I chose Asteria because Astoria makes me think of a hotel, and then I think of Paris Hilton, and then it's all downhill from there.

1. Commenting on Comments )

2. Why the ending? AKA: I'm an idiot )

3. Harry: Whaddup? )

4. Draco )

5. No, really, why the ending? )

6. So who's the Fool? )

7. Specific comments )

8. And the moral of the story is )


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