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So, because I'm not commenting on the [ profile] hd_worldcup fics, I've got to find something I can comment on. So: twinfics ahoy!

What with this being George Weasley's birthday (today would be his 30th), lots of good twinfics have gone up. Here's a few I liked:

  • Sharing, by Bad Mum
    Summary: It is the closest he can get to explaining that sharing with Fred is not like sharing at all, because Fred is the other half of himself." Written for the Reviews Lounge Birthdays project, and to celebrate Fred and George's birthday.

  • Birthday Fool, by Heavenly Pearl
    Summary: George faces his first birthday without his brother. Post series.

  • Buried Memories, by dogstar-ebony
    Summary: What happens when you lose a part of yourself so huge that what is left is simply the imprint of a person? Oneshot, post DH, George Weasley reflecting on his relationship with Fred.

    This one actually made me tear up, dammit.

  • Seven Potters, by [ profile] ciroccoj
    Summary: Not birthday-centric, but Fred-centric. Missing moment from DH.

  • April Fool's, by, um, someone I know really well. Ahem.
    Summary: Ron's not sure he should have asked.

  • The Indivisible By Two series, by [ profile] shadowfiction.
    Summary: This set of stories (three so far) is made of win. Fred didn't die. He's very much alive and (mostly) well. The latest installation is On the Up and Up, and I'm full of love for its tough love :)

BTW, yes, I'm totally sock-puppeting again :)

Any more I missed?
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Funny the things that come up when you're away from the weebs for a while. To wit:

  • There has been Glee!! And I almost missed it!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!eleven!!

    ::ahem:: It's called Three Indecent Acts, by [ profile] maple_mahogany, and it's adorable.

    Quote: Now, you know I love Hermione and I would never betray her, yeah? But I can think of at least three indecent acts that I could get it up for with that girl.

  • And there has been H/D! Actually, there has been lots of H/D, and I had a list of fics I wanted to rec and now I don't. Help?

    I do have a link to one of them: [ profile] fourth_rose's Not In the Hands of Boys, chapter 21!

    BTW, um. Cliffie alert. But: ohsogood!

  • There has been a plotbunny that I'm currently batting away because seriously, this is the wrong time for it, but it keeps popping up again. We'll see how it does when I'm done my current round of fic and RL obligations. It's based around a very old entry over at [ profile] road_ahead, Goodbye, my son.

  • Teeny tiny snippet of the Georgefic That'll Never See the Light of Day )

  • Got my [ profile] weasley_fest assignment and it's a good thing I've got till June, cause I am drawing a total and absolute blank here.

    What's the protocol for when you haven't put something on your list of squicks, but when you get your assignment, you wish you had? And what if it's not so much a squick as a "Um... sure, whatever floats your boat, but gosh, that sounds as sexy and intriguing to me as collecting fridge magnets"? Because it's not a squick. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm not turned off. I just don't get the attraction, in any way at all. And trying to figure out how to write it is leaving me staring at a big old blank screen with the cursor blinking mockingly at me.

    I want to do this well. But I can't figure out how to do it at all.

  • I'm sure everyone and their (literate) dog has heard this one by now, but in case you haven't: Deathly Hallows will be two movies, not one. It's all too far away for me to have a definite opinion on it. Expect I'll be pleased once I think about it, as my opinions on the books and movies tend to be pretty uncritical. I reserve my discriminating mind for fics; probably 'cause I expect more out of them ;)

  • My [ profile] hd_worldcup fic is almost done!! ::bounce::

  • Got a huge paper due on Monday, which is decidedly not almost done ::thud::

ETA: I think I'm a little sleep-deprived. I went to put in a link to one of the things I've got in the list above, and the link I put in was

<a href="The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), which provides import tariff preferences to developing countries, defines "internationally recognized labor rights" as including freedom of association; the right to organize and bargain collectively; the prohibition against forced labor, child labor under a certain age... and minimum acceptable employment conditions...">

...which, oddly enough, did not link to a scene with a lovely blow job. So if I've missed or messed up something crucial in this post, can y'all let me know?
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  • I'm getting totally bouncy over [ profile] hd_worldcup. And Ember to Ember Chapter 9. And oh, lots of stuff. Perhaps somebody has spiked my water supply.

  • By the way, this is my [ profile] hd_worldcup team:

    Also, I'm all caught up on my team's postings! Yaaaay!

    I'm pretty sure we're allowed to say which team we're on, although inner workings of the team are so0persekrit. As well as, of course, which story we write/picture we draw.

    By the way, does anybody know if it's true that during the Manhattan Project, the scientists at work building the bomb made themselves a sort of crest with an inscription that was the Latin translation of, "We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you"? And if so, do you know how to say that? My Latin is confined to Amo, amas, amat, res ipsa loquitur, vini, vidi, venice, and ipso fatso.

  • Looky! Deamus! Observance, by [ profile] acromantular
    Summary: There were always plenty of words to fill any space, even one as large as Dean left behind. He simply... disappeared.

  • The George-centric post-DH thingy continues to grow on my hard drive. Here's another random bit.

    Oblivion, April Fool's )
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No Ember to Ember update, alas. Working on it. Going slowly. But! I have recs!

  • Vale Sanare, by Anonymous, H/D.
    Summary: Draco's world gains a new component, just when he thought he'd sorted everything out.
    Rec: OMG I love, love, love this story. EWE, war damage and coping, and a distinct lack of sentimentality. And! Ginnyhate that isn't!

  • Not in the Hands of Boys, by [ profile] fourth_rose,H/D, chapter 18.
    Rec: ...and I just can't get over how loudly I squeal whenever this updates.

  • Coming Clean, TL/JP.
    Summary: Teddy thinks it's time that James fesses up to his parents, but it might take a bit of persuasion on his part.
    Rec: Guh. Is all I can say. Also: NWS.

  • The Road Ahead
    Summary: A post-DH RPG of massive proportions, with multiple postings every day. You don't - and probably shouldn't - follow every single one, because they can sometimes update insanely slowly. But it's just so freaking neat.
    Rec: I'm currently mostly following the Trio, Percy, George and Lee. Which is what originally brought me to it, because [ profile] maple_mahogany mentioned that there was lovely lovely Glee. And oh my yes, there certainly is.

    I'm actually somewhat miffed at poor [ profile] maple_mahogany, who no doubt had no idea how completely sucked in some people could get. Apparently she's in it mostly for the Glee. ::sobs:: I have no such self-control.

    Here's two entries, from the first few days of The Road Ahead. Both are complete.

  • Preparations, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, The Burrow
    Summary: Fred did still need them, and Ginny was determined to be there for him.
    Rec: Yeah can't add to it.

  • So much left to say, Lee Jordan, Alleyway behind WWW
    Summary: Lee says goodbye to a friend.
    Rec: It's... kind of heartbreaking, with beautiful images of Lee's history with the twins, eg George and Fred looking terrified. A breakfast table full of smirking Gryffindors. A smoking red envelope.

    And now for some crack...

  • Patronus, H/R, by shocfix.
    Summary: Beware morphing Patroni :)
    Rec: ROFLMAO!!

    Ack, that wasn't the fic I was going to rec. Although it is hysterical, but I'd already recced it before.

    This is the one I meant to link to:

    A Gnome's Eye View, H/R, by shocfix.
    Summary: wild sex in front of the Xmas tree from the POV of the stupefied gnome on top of the tree.
    Rec: He looked a little scared of the matching Gingers – everyone does, when they get really loud - but he has one of his very own, that he likes best.

  • 9 Ways Draco Malfoy Never Went Insane (Holy Ministry Crack, Batman!), by [ profile] furiosity.
    Summary: Meet Draco, twenty-three years old. Fed up with life and the way things are going, he decides to go insane in a variety of ways. (You know what, Potter? I don't like your attitude...)
    Rec: Another ROFLMAO.

  • Not a rec, but a rant )

  • And a snippet.

    I've got a Fic That Will Probably Never See the Light of Day slowly growing on my hard drive. It's a George-centric genfic, no pairings, though due to some people's influence George/Lee keeps trying to happen. I had something like this going in my previous fandom, over 100 pages of bits and pieces of a fic that never went anywhere, and I never posted it and now I'm kinda sad I didn't because some of the pieces weren't so bad. So I'll probably be posting random snippets of this fic here. So that even if it does die a lonely death, at least bits of it will have seen the light.

    working title is Oblivion )

  • I've got more to post - more H/Rs, and Arctic Fox, but it's 2:00 and good girls should be in bed. Asleep. And probably so should I.


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