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OK, this is too much fun to not share. I'm supposed to be working away on Ember ch. 10 and my [ profile] hd_worldcup fic and writing a paper, so of course what am I doing? Running bits and pieces of Bond in Russian through Altavista's Babel Fish Translation. See if you can figure out what the original English was.

  1. Garry Potter
  2. Drako Malfoy
  3. Espozito
  4. Pomfri
  5. Dambldora
  6. Pansi Parkinson
  7. Minerva Of makGonagall
  8. Nartsissa Of malfoy
  9. Neville longbott
  10. Severus Of sneyp
  11. Remus lupine
  12. Lyutsius Of malfoy
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OK, so those were pretty easy. How about these?
  1. Germiona Of greyndzher
  2. Bleyz Of zabini
  3. Rhone of uizli
  4. Of mendi It broklkherst
  5. dynes
  6. Simus
  7. Dzhinni
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Right. Now some tougher ones:
  1. ...that after features?
  2. the voice Of malfoya overlapped others, slizerinets of villages in the bed.
  3. no. There is no God,
  4. the curse of knots, you, devils nedoumok.
  5. Lyutsius was wrinkled and rocked by head.
  6. We understand, that in the magglovskom peace there is a prejudice against the sexual relations between the people of one floor
  7. To reach Garry physical and sincere sufferings - one of basic happiness in the life Of malfoya.
  8. they try soak, it resembled, slowly rising from slizerintsa, and that limply nodded.
  9. It is ridiculous. - in you hair tattered themselves, finally pronounced fight, villages slightly it were wrinkled.
  10. Garry, we, the Emmas... we thought...

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BTW, just so nobody gets the wrong impression, this is not making fun of the Russian translation at all. As my Russian is entirely limited to Nyet, Da, Spasiba, Glasnost, and Stolichnaya, I can have no opinion on the quality of the translation. I just love the sublime ridiculousness of Babelfish :)
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Right, so somewhere in the earnest efforts to keep both uploaded versions of this post the same, I erased my intro, which went something like this:

This is in response to the first half of the first challenge of [ profile] hp_obstruction, a new challenge community. The prompt was "A prophet did once say that honesty's a lonely word," and we were told to "use the quote within the story or write from the idea/feeling of it".

The second half of the challenge will be sent out some time tonight and will consist of "obstructions." Basically the idea is that we take what we just sent in and re-write it with both hands tied behind our backs. Apparently the obstructions will range from "don't use any adjectives" to "take Character X out," and there will be five of them.

Anybody who's feeling constructively creative, jump right in and point out any oopsies or areas that could be improved upon, as this is pretty much unbeta'd. And if you only feel like clicking and reading, hey, that's cool too ;)

Title: Honestly
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13 or possibly slightly higher, for language and innuendo
Genre: Humour
Summary: Discretion is the better part of valour.

Yes, that's a lovely tie, no, I prefer my dinner burned to a crisp, yes, I read that novel you recommended and it was fabulous. )



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