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Please for to be excusing my probably poorly written Spanish; other than learning how to write "Mama" and "Papa" and "gato" in Kindergarten, I have never had a single lesson in Spanish grammar or spelling or usage in my life :(1

Nevertheless, here goes nada:

[ profile] id_traduce han estado trabajando fuerte. Aquí estan cinco fics mías que han traducido en las últimas semanas:

  1. La Traición de Harry Potter, traduccion de Harry Potter's Betrayal
    Clasificación: R
    Resumen: Remix de la historia ‘How and Why’ de Lucilla Darkate, para el remix de HD de coffeejunkii.

  2. La Confesión es Buena para el Alma, traduccion de Confession Is Good For the Soul
    Clasificación: M
    Resumen: La confesión puede ser buena para el alma, pero Draco aprende que puede ser un verdadero infierno para sus nervios y su libido.

  3. La Compostura Ha Abandonado el Edificio, traduccion de Cool Has Left the Building
    Clasificación: M
    Resumen: Secuela de una parte de La Confesión Es Buena para el alma. Timestamp para scrtkpr, que pidió una historia ubicada seis horas después del final de la Confesión.

  4. Distanciado, traduccion de Estranged
    Clasificación: M
    Resumen: Secuela de una parte de La Confesión Es Buena para el alma. Timestamp para cutecoati, que pidió una historia ubicada dos años después del final de la Confesión.

Tambien han empezado a traducir
Voluntarios, traduccion de Volunteers
Clasificación: M
Resumen: Escrita para el intercamboi de fics del livejournal de Beltane: Harry, Draco y un trabajo de voluntariado se suponía que debía ser rápido y sencillo.

1: Ah, perhaps I should clarify: I have not had a single lesson in Spanish writing in my life, but I did not do the translations. I would've fallen apart at the first accent. The translators at [ profile] id_traduce are vastly more well-versed in written Spanish than I am :D :D :D
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And yes, I figured most of those using Altavista Babelfish. So for all I know I just asked all Russian speakers to marry their fish or something.

I just got a request to translate one of my fics into Spanish, and was forced to tell the wonderful person who asked that I wasn't actually sure which stories were being translated, so I couldn't say yes yet. I know Vinculo (Bond in Spanish) is up to chapter 7 so far, and Bond in Portuguese is finished, and Bond in French is up to chapter 13, and I know Intruders slashzine was planning to translate Confession Is Good For the Soul into Spanish. But other than that I've very ditzily lost track of what's happening where.

So: help? If anybody has come across any of my stuff in other languages, could you let me know and, if you can, send me the link? I'm going to go update my ff.n profile to show the above, because it's kinda really incredibly dumb of me to have neglected this. I can't imagine translating even one short story from English to Spanish (my two native tongues) so the amount of work people have put in translating monsters like Bond just boggles my mind, and certainly deserves better than to have me draw a blank when people ask me about it.


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