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So, there's been all sorts of reallycool stuff going on lately, lots of stories (HP and ST:Reboot) I've wanted to rec, I haven't yet read [ profile] silentauror's newest H/D (which I was all excited about even before I saw it recced everywhere), and I sang a semi-solo in public and didn't die, and HBP comes out OMGwhen??!!, and it's Canada Day, and none of the above is the subject of this post.

This is:

Title: In The Quiet Moments
Artist: Anonymous
Gift For: [ profile] annafugazzi
Rating PG
Featured Character or Pairing(s): George/Lee
Summary: In the quiet moments they take time to live, to breathe and to love.
Warnings: None
Author's/Artist's notes: This was a dream to draw. It basically came together on it's own. annafugazzi I've been a fan for a long time now and I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. I also want to thank you for this pairing and prompt I loved being able to work with it.

My [ profile] weasley_fest giftpic!

It's beautiful!

::bouncing off to admire some more::

::damn, but I wish I could draw like this::
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  1. The Only Steps That Matter (are the ones we take all by ourselves) - Bill and Draco have an arrangement. Bill/Draco NC-17 Affair Fic, a fic for [ profile] mandy_jg.

    Rec: Not a big fan of this pairing, or of affair fics, and yet. Just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or something ;) Very nicely done!

    ::cuddles Draco::

    Excerpt: Perhaps it was the wicked thoughts of what his father would say if he ever found out how low his son's standards actually were, shagging blood traitors. Or, perhaps it was just Bill himself. That was the worst thought of all.

  2. We Can Explain... Gen: Fred and George Weasley PG-13, art for [ profile] redsnake05.

    Rec: ::snicker:: Not sure I'd really want to hear the explanation, especially as there is evident nudity in it and I'm notsomuch with the twincest, but still. ::snort-laugh::, in a totally PG-rated way :D :D :D

  3. Seeking Comprehension - After six years of existing side by side as complete opposites, Percy and Oliver find some common ground. Percy/Oliver PG-13, a fic for [ profile] jadis31.

    Rec: Aaaww. Have fatal weakness for Percy. And, in this fic, Oliver too :)

    Excerpt: I had a five – no a ten – year plan, with expenses factored in and strategies for available promotions all drawn out neatly, in a rainbow of ink colours, for easy reading.

    He had some vague idea of playing professionally once his NEWTs were over.

  4. The Realest First - Sometimes what you’ve always been looking for is closer than you thought and farther than you’ve ever imagined. Fred/Hermione PG-13, a fic for [ profile] kcstories.

    Rec: Very cute :) :) :)

    Excerpt: "George!!!"

    "Fred, actually, but I do love it when women scream out my brother's name right after they punch me in the face."

  5. Seven Times Arthur Weasley Inadvertantly Wooed Molly Prewett - See Title. Arthur/Molly PG, a fic for [ profile] loony4lupin and [ profile] madeyemax.

    Rec: OMG this is wonderful. Wonderful! They're both so them! And I can't believe that once again I'm squeeing loudest over a PG-rated het fic starring two characters I don't normally find particularly interesting.

    Which has been one of my fave parts of this fest, as there's a lot of stuff (eg this one, or the Gen Billfic in the first week, etc) that I never would've read if they hadn't been part of the fest.

    ::happy sigh::

    Excerpt: "If you know what's good for you," Dolohov says coldly, "you'll give that back."

    "And if you know what's good for you," Arthur says loudly, trying his best not to betray how scared he is. "You'll leave her alone."

  6. Knock on Wood - Ginny/Harry R, art for [ profile] lunalovepotter.

    Rec: ::ahem:: NOT WORK SAFE. At all. Also very much with the het. Also quite distressingly intriguing >;)

  7. It's All in How You Play the Game (or what you wear when doing so) - Ron learns that Wizard's Chess is not a game for the faint-hearted. It takes a certain strength of constitution to play the game, and sometimes losing is the sweetest kind of victory. Ron/Hermione NC-17, a fic for [ profile] redheadsarehot.

    Rec: Hee, flustered Ron :) :) :)

    Excerpt: One really should not try and drink their milk and whimper at the same time. It caused one to choke and milk to shoot out of one's nostril in a most unflattering way. It also caused the object of one's affection to giggle and point.

  8. When He Wakes -Sometimes, the best time is when he's just woken up, while the tent is still up... Charlie/Harry NC-17, a fic for [ profile] midnight_birth.

    Rec: Charlie's certainly had fun during this fest, hasn't he?

    Excerpt: There was something about watching Harry wake up, thought Charlie as he leaned on his fist, elbow planted in the pillows.

And that's that.

The rest of week five can be found at the Summary of Week Five.

Previous weeks are here:

  1. Week One
  2. Week Two
  3. Week Three
  4. Week Four

And in case anybody's wondering, yes, I did write a fic for this fest. I can reveal the following: it's a fic, not a piece of art, and it features one or more Weasleys. If you'd like to take a guess at which one I wrote, go ahead! Reveals go up August 8th.
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  1. If You've a Ready Mind - When twelve year old Molly Prewett declares that she is born to be a writer, she faces her first literary challenge - finding a good story to tell. Gen: Molly Weasley PG-13, a fic for [ profile] knic26.

    Rec: Very cute. I especially enjoy the contrast between Molly's twin brothers and the twin sons she would eventually have :) :)

    Excerpt: Molly wasn't sure that Gideon learned anything except how to be pompous, or that Fabian learned anything except the fine art of swindling, but she was rather sure that Aunt Muriel was far too busy with accounts to care much.


    When Aunt Muriel finally noticed how miserable she was two weeks later, Molly was promptly banned from the house during the day so she could inflict her miserable sighs and frowns on the neighbors instead.

  2. Letting in the Light - Sometimes, cleaning house can be a bigger undertaking than you anticipated. Ron/Harry PG-13, a fic for [ profile] etsu_88.

    Rec: I love OOP, but the whole Cleaning House For Seventeen Chapters part of it would've been a lot more interesting if Rowling had written it like this fic instead ;)

    Excerpt: "Filthy blood-traitors!! Half-bloods, staining the honor of the house of my fathers! The shame of it!! Would that my eldest had died aborning rather than name a half-blood whelp as heir!!!" Mrs. Black had shrieked. "Ah, t’is bitter as a serpents poison, betrayed by my own blood, our noble house in tatters, our name lower than the most base, craven..."

    "I’m sure it is," Harry’d said dryly. "Except your family name pretty much sank below contempt when everyone except Sirius decided to follow a mad half-blood named Voldemort."

  3. Hermafrosts - Never take a Weasley twin up on a dare. And never say never. Fred/Angelina NC-17, a fic for [ profile] reallycorking.

    Rec: Love in a time of war :) (Also: despite its name, Hermione makes no appearance in this fic.)

    Excerpt: "Feeling a bit frisky, then, Angelino?" Lee asked, laughing.

    Angelina did up her trousers, her face flaming.

    She was going to kill George. And Fred. And Lee, who was howling with laughter. Kill them all.

    She had a penis. A distressingly fully functional penis.

    Kill. Them.

  4. A Rally Toward Exaulted Moments - Sometimes a person needs to get outside of their usual geography — both physical and emotional — to be able to see the possibility of new lands of the heart. Charlie/Harry NC-17, a fic for [ profile] iamshadow.

    Rec: It's Charlie! What else could you want?

    Excerpt: The meal continued on with Charlie, Pavel and two other dragon handlers discussing the day's events. Harry was content to listen, absorbing the jargon and their evident camaraderie. The heady waves of testosterone didn't abate, however; he'd not felt such a pressing need for a wank in ages.

    Get a grip, he admonished his slowly awakening cock. Not now.

  5. The Long Way Home - After losing Fred, George also loses his sense of self and must go on a journey in order to find his way home. George/Lee R, a fic for [ profile] annafugazzi.

    Rec: Cannot rec in one line and do it justice. It's Glee. And it's beautiful. And I gave it its own rec-post, as it was written for me :) :) :)

  6. Pocket Dragon - Sunset at the reserve, Charlie shows Tonks his dragon. Charlie/Tonks R, art for [ profile] luvscharlie.

    Rec: Pink hair! And tattoos! Squee!

  7. Moving On - After the war everyone struggles to move on and rebuild. Ron/Hermione, all the Weasley boys, Neville, Ginny, and Luna PG, art for the entire [ profile] weasley_fest community.

    Rec: Aaaww... ::sniff::

And again, there's more that I didn't read, for whatever reasons, and they can be found at the Summary of Week Four post.

See also: Week One and Week Two and Week Three.
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  1. Any Given Sunday - Six Sundays in the life of Ron and Dean. Ron/Dean PG-13, a fic for [ profile] iamshadow.

    Rec: Apparently [ profile] iamshadow has a well-hidden domestic kink ;). So do I. And this tickled the kink very very well :) :)

    Excerpt: Rose had been fed, burped, and was finding her feet very fascinating when Dean heard the first noises.

    "Gas like your Uncle Ronnie, my girl."

  2. Bookends - Arthur Weasley kept trying to capture the perfect image of his family. One day he notices that all the photographers he had hired over the years were more interested in cutting them out. Gen: Arthur Weasley and Family G, a fic for [ profile] redsiodaslair.

    Rec: Very sweet, and a little angsty, too :)

    Excerpt: "Basically, the nearest beach is clear for miles, no Muggle's anywhere, not for a good five hours. I was supposed to grab George and resolve the issue but I figured..." Bill shrugged and grinned.

    "He figured, how often can a twenty-five or so-strong magical family all go to the seaside together on a Sunday afternoon?"

  3. Scratching the Surface - Ten years after Voldemort's defeat, a young man comes to Charlie seeking help. Charlie/Draco R, a fic for [ profile] melmoe1.

    Rec: OK, um, ::embarrassed cough:: I decided to get a tattoo after reading this. For serious.

  4. Torn - Hermione turns to Charlie when Ron can't give her what she wants. Ron/Hermione, Charlie/Hermione NC-17, Affair Fic, a fic for [ profile] joeyjames.

    Rec: Wasn't expecting to like this one, but somehow it grew on me. I think it was Charlie's strategy for dealing with his mum's well-intentioned interfering that got me - and I'll have to try it next time somebody's trying to pressure me :D :D

    Excerpt: "Well, women are much more vicious than your average dragon," he replied in mock seriousness. "You approach a woman when she is in the wrong mood and she'll tear you apart no matter how gentle your touch or how much raw meat you chuck at her."

  5. Second Chances - Seven years after the war and five years after the ugly end of Ron and Harry's relationship, the Weasleys are called home to deal with a strange rash of attacks against the Order. Harry hopes to use the chance to get Ron back, but no one expects exactly what happens when this family reunites. Ron/Harry NC-17, a fic for [ profile] hedwigs_bane.

    Rec: I... can't actually say anything that'll do justice to this fic. It's just, um, wow. Every character is written so lovingly, the sub-plots don't feel like subplots, but could be stories in and of themselves, the backstory drabbles are brilliant, the plot itself draws you in so you don't want to stop reading, Ron and Harry are perfect (even when you want to slap them)... And! For once, the Weasleys are not a warm, close-knit family, having pluckily pulled together in the aftermath of the war. In fact, they've kind of fallen apart, mostly. Which is very refreshing to read, much as I love BigHappy!Weasleyfics.

    Excerpt: "Officially I'm a Security Specialist Rank Three with the Magical Protection and Guideline Enforcement Division of the United States' Supernatural Cooperation Administration." Ron grinned. "That's American for 'auror'. I've got a place in Austin, which is in Texas, which apparently thinks it's a whole country all on its own. They're mad there, completely, but they have the greatest clothes." He tipped the rim of that bloody awful hat he was wearing, and his eyes glittered cheerfully. "And that's the short version. Anything else can wait, yeah?"

  6. We Start and End With Family - When the stresses of parenthood weigh heavily on Hermione, her husband, Fred Weasley, arranges for them to have some time alone. AU fic. Fred/Hermione, Charlie/Viktor, Percy/Penelope NC-17, a fic for [ profile] inkvoices.

    Rec: Aawwwww... ♥♥♥

    Excerpt: It had been a rough week for Hermione Weasley, and not for the first time in the past several days she wondered what exactly she had done to anger the gods so greatly they would curse her with twins. The twin daughters of Fred Weasley, no less. Whatever it was, surely she had paid penance by now.

  7. Feel the Thrill - They were always rough, it was what they liked, but this roughness had a tinge of desperation to it. Ron/Draco NC-17, a fic for [ profile] yamapea.

    Rec: Gritty. And not very pretty. But pretty really isn't the point ;)

    Excerpt: "Look, all this banter is fun, and you avoiding my simple question is very entertaining, but I do have other important engagements to attend to, so if we could move on to the fucking, I would appreciate it," Malfoy stated smoothly, raising one well manicured eyebrow.

And you know what? There's more! The rest can be found at Week Three in Review. Go take a look - I may have missed some real gems that happened to have one of my squicks, or were about a character I wasn't interested in, or whatever. The ones above are just my faves of the fics I got to read.

And if you like those, you may want to check out weeks one and two too!


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