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I have absolutely nothing to do with the movie Dr. Anna Fugazzi, though the tagline ("A strange, twisted psycho-sexual thriller depicting one woman's depraved descent into madness and mayhem!!!!" - multiple exclamation points not mine) is too good to not use ;)

If you're here for my Harry Potter fics, they can all be found in the table below:

TitlePairings/CharactersLengthRatingCompliant up toSummaryNotes
BondHP/DM (RW/HG)182,778 NC-17OOPYet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories. Because every HD writer has to write at least one.I'm still amazed how many people read all the way to the end of this thing - let alone more than once!
Bond DVD ExtrasHP/DM (RW/HG)31,164NC-17OOPTimelines, deleted scenes, and newspaper articles related to Bond.In other words, nothing of interest, except to folks who have read Bond.
Not Seamus's FaultHP/DM (RW/HG), Seamus Finnigan3,882NC-17OOPOne-shot sequel for Bond. Seamus gets an eyeful.Timestamp meme for fourth_rose, who asked for a story set post-Bond, the day after the epilogue.
AnniversaryHP/DM (RW/HG)6,716ROOPOne-shot sequel for Bond. Draco gets a clue ;)Timestamp meme for caliopeamphora, who asked for a story set post-Bond, for the boys' first anniversary.
Confession Is Good For the SoulHP/DM (prior RW/HG)24,957RHBPConfession may be good for the soul, but Draco learns that it's also hell on the nerves and libido.Pottermamas 2006 exchange fic for scrtkpr.
Cool Has Left the BuildingHP/DM (prior RW/HG)8,226 RHBPOne-shot sequel to Confession Is Good For the Soul. First-date jitters.Timestamp meme for scrtkpr, who asked for six hours after Confession ended.
EstrangedHP/DM (prior RW/HG), Ron3,429 PG13HBPOne-shot sequel to Confession Is Good For the Soul. This time Ron gets a clue ;)Timestamp meme for cutecoati, who asked what the boys would be doing two years later and got an earful from Ron for her trouble.
VolunteersHP/DM (RW/HG, prior HP/GW)46,922 RHBPHarry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy.hds_beltane 2007 fic for mama_rana.
Ember to EmberHP/DM (RW/HG, prior HP/GW)76,755 RHBPSequel to Volunteers: from one Beltane to the next.Main fic complete, DVD Requests slowly being added.
Finding ElvisHP, DM38,458 PG13HBPMalfoy had been on both sides of the war, then avoided it as much as possible for a while, apparently done some spying that was never fully explained to Harry, performed one final heroic deed, and disappeared. Not in a blaze of glory, but into oblivion.Written under a different author name.
HonestlyHP/DM7,582RHBPDraco knows that discretion is the better part of valour.Written for the now defunct community hp_obstruction, for the challenge "A prophet did once say that honesty's a lonely word." Though it's a standalone, I've always thought of this as Bond, about three years later.
Harry Potter's BetrayalHP/DM3,030RHBPRemix of lucilla_darkate's How and Why.Written for hd_remix 2006.
SeveranceGeorge Weasley2,654PG13DHGeorge is left behind.Written immediately post-DH.
Walk BackHP/DM/RW8,957RHBPAlternate ending remix of mizbean's Walk On. Her summary: Ron learns letting go of the one you love is the only way to move forward. My summary: Ron did the right thing... didn't he?Written for hd_remix 2007.
RiptideHP/DM (HP/OCs, HP/GW, DM/AG)20,385RDH(With apologies to George Lucas) "Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?"Written for hd_worldcup 2008, Team Epilogue.
Cerulean Blue (co-written with scrtkpr)HP/DM/SS26,361NC-17DH, EWEWhen twenty-two-year-old Potions Professor Draco Malfoy has an accident that costs him the last four years of his memory, Harry Potter is the only one who can help him. Harry, with the grudging assistance of Severus Snape's portrait, comes up with a plan. But how many of Draco's secrets will be exposed in the process?hds_beltane 2008 pinch hit for winnett.
HermafrostsFW/AJ24,561RDHLove and Wheezes in a time of war. Fred/Angelina, possible side of George/Angelina if you squint and tilt your head.weasley_fest 2008 fic for reallycorking. No relation to Hermione, despite the name.
Adventures in BabysittingHP/DM20,468RDH, EWEThe Auror Corps provides Harry with a profession that's highly dangerous, demanding, and glamorous. Except when it's not.hd_holidays 2008 fic for thebrandytook. No babies were babysat and no Icelanders were harmed in the making of this fic. Tents may have been traumatized.
A Bit UnhealthyGW/AJ60,850RDHGeorge/Angelina, God help me.Prompted by Rowling's description of the pairing. Can be read as a sequel to Hermafrosts or independently.
Guide those that through their councilsHP/RW7,606PG13DH, EWEHarry's first time out of the British Isles left something to be desired. In fact, as the locals would say, so far it sucked.Written for hp10k_showcase, for Native/Aboriginal Issues
Coyote MorningGW/LJ14,892RDH, EWESometimes the very thing you're looking for is the one thing you can't see." Or: sometimes boys aren't too bright.Written for weasley_fest 2009, for ozma_katiebell
And I'll Tell You No LiesHP/DM or HP/RW (but not both!)32,202 or 24,127RDH, EWEIt all started with a stupid interrogation. Or: Don't ask a question if you're not prepared to hear the answer. HP/DM or HP/RW, as per reader preference.(Partly) written for hd_holidays 2010, for taradiane, then added to.
The House That Cedric BuiltDM/AG42,630PG13DHDraco didn't think there was much reason to hope for a better future. Astoria proved him wrong.Written for hp_canon_fest 2010, for the_birdnest, and as of June 2011, possibly my favourite story that I've written, despite its hetness :)
Leave Out All the RestGW/LL, hints of other pairings, but mostly gen.100,157RDHNobody expected the year after Fred's death would be easy. But nobody expected George would have to lose so much, just to live through it.Written for hpgeorgecentric 2010.
About Last NightGW/LJ---PGDH"So should we tell them the Gurdyroots were stale and last night's batch of Hearts had no more effect than a placebo?"
::snigger:: "I vote we tell them tomorrow."
Mixed media, including Microsoft Paint, Microsoft WordArt and shameless tracing of Google Image search results. Done for hp_april_fools 2010. Link under construction.
The Silver DoeHP/RW---PGAU as of chapter 19 of DH.Silver Doe Canon is proceeding all angsty and canon-like and then... goes sideways ;)Lego and four P's: Photography, Paint, Photoshop, and Plasticine. Done for hp_april_fools 2011.
Claiming HarryHP/RW2,829NC-17OOP/HBP?"This was written for thenaughtyroom fic exchange. I was assigned to write for annafugazzi, who requested H/R (2nd and 3rd choice pairings included Draco Malfoy) first time! angst! and being ‘outed’ and any rating."Sadly, this entry is flocked. The author's lj has been deleted, and thenaughtyroom is no longer in use. ::sniffle:: Oh well, at least I saved a copy for myself :)
Never Say Never (The Unexpected Remix), by coffeejunkiiHP/DM1,536PGOOPhd_remix 2006 remix of Bond. Since Bond is a novel-length story, this remix only deals with one specific aspect of the plot. Never Say Never takes place during Chapter 20.Had to blink in astonishment several times when I first read this. A totally brilliant way to bring in something I thought I'd prevented completely, about 14 chapters earlier :) :) :) And one of the things I loved the most was how seamlessly this could've fit into the story, had it been meant to go in this direction.
no saviour jailer can take it from me, by mewlingHP, DM1,560PGDHAfter the war, Harry saves Malfoy and Malfoy hates him for it. But Harry will not allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated.hds_beltane 2007 gift. I had requested "Harry, Draco, friendship, Harry dealing with Draco's past (e.g. school rivalry, or HBP-related stuff, post-Hogwarts 'past' made up by author, etc) in some way. Gen, slash, het, makes no difference. A bit of comic relief would also be nice." And she did it!
Cursed Confessions, by kabal42HP/DM9,497NC-17DHHarry has an unlikely job in an even more unlikely place. But when he's hit by an unknown curse, the person to help him is, perhaps, the most unlikely of all.hd_remix 2007 remix of Confession Is Good For the Soul.
Author Note: My contribution was to switch the point of view and update the fic to being compliant with Deathly Hallows – even the epilogue, if you squint. Hard *G*
My note: Hee! Very cool :) :) :)
The Long Way Home, by loony4lupin and maxwriteGW/LJ17,359RDHAfter losing Fred, George also loses his sense of self and must go on a journey in order to find his way home.weasley_fest 2008 giftfic. Wish I could find my request list, because if they missed anything I asked for, I'd be very surprised. Words cannot do justice to my squee over this fic.
The Great Divide, by scarlet_malfoyHP/DM28,000RDHIf one has wavering faith, can one still have unwavering hope? A tale of beginnings and endings, of getting to the bottom of what one can live with, what one can merely endure… and what one cannot live without.I got an hd_holidays 2008 giftfic, even though I was only pinch-hitting! And there was even music to go along with it! Also much grown-up-ness, a very human Draco, and ouchy-in-a-lovely-way angst. ♥♥♥♥
Under the Influence, by cutecoatiHP/DM12,500RDH, EWEWhen Harry is forced to take on a job that is far from what he is used to, he finds it an extra nuisance that he is being saddled with one Draco Malfoy; the one man in the whole wizarding world he most desperately wants to forget. Gift for hd_holidays 2009, with one of the best opening lines I've ever read. Merry Christmas to me!
I Will Not Leave You, by xtermHP/GW---GDHHarry finds Ginny right after the battle. Drawn for hp_canon_fest 2010, ink, watercolour and felt. And also: aawwww...
Alive, by savepurenessGW/AJ1,529Soft RDHTrying to cope with his twin brother's death and to live again, George Weasley finds an unexpected sparring partner; or better said, she finds him. Written for hpgeorgecentric. You know, for a pairing I found totally ridiculous when JKR first mentioned it, I sure have read a lot of wonderful fic featuring it...
I Like Chocolate Milk, by sdkshellyGeorge, Ron (with cameo by wee!Fred)---GDHEven the little things remind George of what's he's lost.Drawn for hp_april_fools 2010. Angsty, and sweet, but gone. The pictures have disappeared! :( :( :(
Can I Buy You a Spatula?, by good_witchRon/Luna, Fred, George---PGNot DH-compliantFred and George prank Ron at a Very Important Moment, but Luna surprises them.For hp_april_fools 2011. Comic book format, so it's like a series of gifts. Also, Luna FTW!

Quick reference to fests/remixes/exchanges:

TitleFrom MeFor Me
thenaughtyroom 2006Confession Is Good For the Soul, for scrtkprClaiming Harry
hd_remix 2006Harry Potter's Betrayal, remix of lucilla_darkate's How and Why.Never Say Never (The Unexpected Remix), by coffeejunkii, remix of Bond.
hd_remix 2007Walk Back, remix of mizbean's Walk OnCursed Confessions, by kabal42, remix of Confession Is Good For the Soul
hds_beltane 2007Volunteers, for mama_ranano saviour jailer can take it from me, by mewling
hds_beltane 2008(with scrtkpr) Cerulean Blue, for winnettThis was a pinch hit, so no giftfic back.
hd_worldcup 2008RiptideNot an exchange.
weasley_fest 2008Hermafrosts, for reallycorkingThe Long Way Home, by loony4lupin and maxwrite
hd_holidays 2008Adventures in Babysitting, for thebrandytookThe Great Divide, by scarlet_malfoy
hp10k_showcase 2009Guide those that through their councils, for Native/Aboriginal IssuesNot an exchange.
weasley_fest 2009Coyote Morning, for ozma_katiebellIn Quiet Moments, by kath_ballantyne. Not a fic: a lovely, lovely George/Lee pic!
hd_holidays 2009And I'll Tell You No Lies, for taradianeUnder the Influence, by cutecoati.
hp_canon_fest 2010The House That Cedric Built, for the_birdnestI Will Not Leave You, by xterm. H/G picture!
hpgeorgecentric 2010Leave Out All the Rest, for the community.Alive, by savepureness.
hp_april_fools 2010About Last Night, for ozma_katiebellI Like Chocolate Milk, by sdkshelly.
hp_april_fools 2011The Silver Doe, for kath_ballantyneCan I Buy You a Spatula?, by good_witch.


FicLanguageTranslatorUp ToLink
BondPortugueseBlackberry JamComplete, plus 2 DVD ExtrasBond
BondSpanishDulzura LetalChapter 19, last updated March 2011VÍNCULO Traducción
BondFrenchClaesChapter 16, last updated May 2011Bond
BondChineseZhang YujingNo idea, and I can't tell when it was last updated. I suck :(Bond
BondRussianLeonessa and AresuChapter 16 and 8, respectively, last updated January 2009 (I think)Узы
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