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Hey! I remembered to update this!

There's two more chapters left. Will be offline over Christmas, so it won't be done before the new year. Oh well.

Title: Even When I Had Nothing
Characters/Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton
Rating: R
Word Count: 38,409
Disclaimer: Not mine. Wish they were.
Warnings: Angst, aftermath of torture, PTSD, dub-con
Summary: Natasha warned Steve he might not want to pull on that thread, but it wasn't like he had much of a choice.
(Sequel to Don't Ask)

Even When I Had Nothing on AO3
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Seriously heed the warning for chapter 6, OK?
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So, I… kept meaning to put my onoing Avengers WIP on here, and kept updating it on AO3, and kinda never got around to posting it here past the fourth chapter or so. I'm still updating! Totally still updating. Just sent the 15th chapter off for beta, only one (possibly two) chapters to go. But I think it may be time to admit to myself that I may never actually post it to here, what with already posting onto AO3 and The Pit of Voles

Yes, I suck.

Anyway. I'll post a listing of all the chapters posted onto AO3, for anyone who was still curious and doesn't subscribe to any of the dozen or so Avengers fic communities I post links to.

That's not what I wanted to post about today, though.

Guys. Guys. My kid, the elder one, is writing fanfic. And while I cannot understand half of what he writes about because he's posting in the Dota 2 fandom and what I know about Dota 2 could be painlessly etched onto my tongue, he's started an Avengers fanfic!

Title: Loki Lie-smith
Author: Stylus of Gold (he said something like, "I wanted to pick the most pretentious authorname EVER.")
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Loki (so far)
Summary: As I fell from grace and Asgard into disgrace and the void, I lost more than my claim to kingship of Asgard: I lost my name. No longer Loki Odinson, I am now simply Loki. Loki Lie-smith.

He's new at this. Needs a bit of work on formatting. Is starting out in tiny, tiny fandoms. But gets ridiculously excited when somebody reviews or "faves" his work, and oh wow, it's like watching him take his first wobbly steps all over again. Except, you know, online.

Edit: Right! And I said I'd post a list of links to Not About Superheroes. Here they are!
Chapter 1/16
Chapter 2/16
Chapter 3/16
Chapter 4/16
Chapter 5/16
Chapter 6/16
Chapter 7/16
Chapter 8/16
Chapter 9/16
Chapter 10/16
Chapter 11/16
Chapter 12/16
Chapter 13/16
Chapter 14/16
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I've... gone and committed fic. In a new fandom. Well, new for me, Ms "Jump on the Bandwagon Three Years Later." It's over on AO3. Where I really need to think about posting the rest of my HP fic.

OK, I don't need to think about posting it... I need to actually post it. It's just that the thought of actually doing it feels me with ennui the likes of which are only surpassed when I contemplate doing cleaning out our pantry.

Title: Not About Superheroes (A Private Little War)
Universe: Marvel Movies
Characters: Steve/Tony, Clint, Natasha, Bruce
Words: in this chapter, 5,987
Rating: R
Warning(s): Dark stuff? And abuse of Academy-award winning movies
Summary: In less than a year, Steve has been brought back from the dead, adapted to a whole new world, plunged right back into battle again, and moved in with a bunch of superheroes. He's handling everything remarkably well. Except when he's not.
Notes: Title taken from Not About Heroes, a drama by by Stephen MacDonald. And, um, a random Star Trek Old Series episode.

Thanks so much to [ profile] scrtkpr, [ profile] schemingreader, and [ profile] tree00faery for beta!!

1: The Bridge on the River Kwai )

Chapter 2: Ben-Hur
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::trapdoor creaking open::
::dusty creature emerging from below, eyes squinting in the harsh light::
::cough cough::

"Internets? Is that yooou?"

So, yeah, no idea how it got to be two months since my last update. Or, rather, I have a very good idea: I've been writing like a fiend, but only for legal reasons. Like, the watersports treatise I recently wrote? No fun at all, and not just because I'm allergic to anything remotely non-vanilla; it's because writing or reading about the medical/legal usefulness of urine samples is duller than watching paint dry.


  • So, April 1. No, I'm not dusting off this lj just to post on it and say "Hey, I'm back!" only to disappear again tomorrow as an April Fool's joke. I'm posting because there's a fest I'm actually involved in this year, and it starts posting today. It's the April Fools Fest, dedicated to encouraging writers and artists to make fools of themselves by creating outside their comfort zones. My last year's effort was this, and trust me, this one's is far sillier um… foolisher ;)

    Note: This link goes to nowhere right now. It will point to the first fest post when it goes up.

  • Also, as it's George and Fred Weasley's birthday (George turning thirty-three and Fred... um, not), I'm reposting a link to April Fool's, a George Weasley-centric ficlet that I wrote a while back, and then took down, and then reposted. No, I'm not an emo-laden writer who gets all kerfuffled and does a Goodbye Cruel Internets and takes down all her fics when reader response is not what she wanted; I just play one on TV ;) *

    And here's another ficlet, same theme, different feel, not by me: Lest We Forget, by Farmgirl
    Summary: You're never too old for a heart-to-heart talk with your mum.

  • Oh, and!

    And and and!

    So excited about this year's H/D Remix! Have not read most of the fics, but the buzz I saw going around says they're totally fantastic. Must track some down. Help, anyone? I've tabbed a few of the ones most buzzed about, but in case there's anything anyone's thinking must not be missed, could you link me to it? Please? ::bats eyes winningly::

  • The new trailer for Deathly Hallows Part II: does anyone know where there might be screencaps of it? Does anyone have a link to the trailer itself?

  • Lastly: any Criminal Minds fans on my flist? Does anyone know where one can go to find good Criminal Minds fanfic? Slash or het, doesn't matter, I'm just rather leery of going back to the Pit Of Voles. Last time I searched… let's just say it wasn't pretty 80

* Um, in case anyone thought I was serious: taking down the ficlet had nothing whatsoever to do with response. I had just written it as part of a larger story, then decided the larger story would never be finished so I posted it as a stand-alone, then suddenly got inspired to finish the larger story it was part of, took the ficlet down because it was supposed to be part of a larger whole... only to realize, much later, that the ficlet didn't really fit any more. Response was fine; I'm just a twit.


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