annafugazzi: (Still waters run deep)
annafugazzi: (Still waters run deep)
Am slowly wandering through entries over there, from before their current fest. Wow. Many of these I've seen recced elsewhere, so I'm sure many of these will be old hat to much of my flist. ::shrug:: Oh well, they can be for my later reference only :)

    (Inconvenient Condition) by [ profile] raitala. Inconvenient Condition! Why did nobody tell me there was art for Mirabella's Inconvenient Condition? The blood-drop pic is chock-full of squeee.

    [ profile] raitalas also done art for many other favourite stories of mine, including The Shadow of His Wings (the duel is lovely) and Arctic Fox. But I can't see her Arctic Fox pic. This is very sad. There are also lovely Quality of Mercy pics there. Shhh!! )

    (multi-panel against the wall), by [ profile] eloriee. One of the hottest multi-panels ever. ::fanning self::

    Untitled, by Duckpuppy. It's lovely. I have endless admiration for people who can make light dance on a still image.

  • Draco in wellies, by [ profile] leochi. Too damn cute :D :D :D

    (In the broom closet) by [ profile] naadi. Has already been linked to many times; deserves to be linked to many more, IMHO :)

  • On a totally unrelated vein... ::sigh:: Seems like half my flist has gone to New York to see Equus this week. Together. What I wouldn't give to be able to do that too. I'm really happy for everyone who's gone, and met up with all these folks they'd only known online before, but ::sigh:: green-eyed envy rears its head. Am reminded of when the other Naughty Mamas got together, and I was all happy for them, but sniffled a wee bit on my own.

    Oh well. Hope everyone who went, had fun. Your posts are a hoot to read, and live through vicariously. And it sounds like the play's pretty cool too :) :)


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