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Hey, remember the Timestamp Meme? Ask people to take any story of yours and request 100+ words set at some specific time after the story?

::crickets chirping::

Yeah, if you don't remember, don't worry about it; it went around almost two years ago ::facepalm::

Anyway, these are the requests I got waaaay back then:

...hey, where did everybody go? ::more crickets:: ::putting on Monty Python voice:: Cardinal Fang? Cardinal Fang!

Anyway, thanks, [ profile] scrtkpr, for beta and endless patience :) :)

Note: Confession Is Good For the Soul was written after HBP, and is not DH-compliant. Doesn't make much difference here, I don't think.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me summarize. (Quickie recap of Confessions) )

Confession + 6 hours, because I have no idea for a title here. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The closest I'm coming is 'Cool Has Left the Building.' Help? )
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So, here's the third timestamp, this time for [ profile] caliopeamphora, who said May I ask Bond as well - and since someone has already had the great idea of "three years later", could I go for something like "the 1st anniversary"? 'Cause there's a line in chapter 14 when Draco says "Remind me to point and laugh at you at every anniversary then" when they're talking about the new regulation and I've always thought it was so sweet!

Also: I'm going to be posting this onto [ profile] hpqfacforum tomorrow, which is the last day to post (the community is for fic written in February). And it is seriously not beta'd. So, anybody who wants to chip in with suggestions, fire away. I can't promise to use them all, as it is due tomorrow, but I will gratefully receive your comments and do my best to correct any glaring mistakes/inconsistencies. Especially since I really thought I'd have most of the last two days to get this in much, much better shape than it is, but then ended up with some kind of food poisoning that... well, let's just say it was not conducive to writing.

Title: Anniversary
Word Count: 6508
Pairing: H/D, as if I ever wrote anything else
Rating: PG, because nausea does not a happy smutwriter make. Hopefully I can come up with a better ending before midnight tomorrow.

Anniversary )
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OK, here's the second timestamp, this time for [ profile] fourth_rose. It also... ran away on me, in a slightly different direction than I'd expected ;)

It wasn't Seamus' fault )

Also! A rec!

I'm on a bit of a Seamus and Dean kick lately, and while I don't have the first idea how to slash them, I really admire people who can. Here's one lovely example:

Roots So Deep, by wook77.
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...though not usually as long as I do here. And no, the other timestamps haven't grown this much on me. Um, yet.

So, this was obviously supposed to be about Harry & Draco, but for some reason Ron walked in and... kinda walked off with the story. Sorry, [ profile] cutecoati. I have a weakness for redheads. Especially slightly thick ones ;)

Timestamp for [ profile] cutecoati: Confession Is Good For the Soul + two years

Ron approached the St. Mungo's help desk. )


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